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  • Wrist Bands


    At Bladon WA, we stock a broad range of wristbands for all purposes. Whether you want to purchase wristbands in bulk to sell at your shop, promote a charity or bolster your brand with free giveaways, we have the perfect wristbands for you. Moreover, because we produce most of our wristbands in-house, we offer some of the best value prices in Perth, though we can dispatch our products to any Australian location.

    Our wristbands are available in a wide array of designs, styles and colours. Plus, we can customise our wristbands to accommodate any branding requirement, whether you need specific colours or want to add your logo to the design. With such a vast selection of products on offer, we know it can be difficult to narrow down your options. If you need any help or recommendations, don’t hesitate to give us a call.



    If you’re planning a festival, you’ll need event wristbands that you can give to guests to prove they have permission to attend. You may want to browse our selection of high-quality fabric wristbands if you want to convey your event as upscale. You can use colour-coded wristbands to make sure it’s easy to identify which guests have access to VIP areas, who is legally allowed to purchase alcohol and much more.

    Our broad range of wristbands includes:

    - Indented fabric wristbands
    - LED slap bands
    - Slap-on wristbands
    - Reflective wristbands
    - Waterproof silicone wristbands
    - Sweatbands
    - Drinking age verified bands
    - Plastic wristbands
    As you can see, you needn’t look any further than Bladon WA regardless of which wristbands you require. Browse our product pages to see what’s on offer. Order in bulk, and we’ll give you a significant discount.
    Our custom wristbands are perfect for companies, charities or organisations that want to promote their brand. We can print our wristbands with your logo and contact details if required. The options are almost limitless when you shop at Bladon WA.
    If you need custom wristbands but haven’t quite decided on your design, you might be interested in browsing our range of unprinted Tyvek wristbands, which you can customise yourself. All our bands are durable, safe and – most importantly – excellent value. The next time you need wholesale wristbands in Perth, you know who to call.
    Detailed View

    This Website has a large range of items but it can be daunting for a client, so we encourage you to Call or Email us so we can do the work for you. You are currently not logged into our web site.

    Standard 12mm Silicon Wristbands

    Ad-Band - Indent

    12mm Wide Silicone Wrist Band

    Flash Multi-Color LED Bracelet

    Running Arm Band

    Fabric Wristbands Sublimated Indent

    Fabric Wristbands Sublimated Local

    Fabric Wristbands Woven Indent

    Full Colour 19mm Laser Printed Wristbands Local

    Full Colour 23mm Laser Printed Wristbands Local

    L Shaped Wristbands

    L Shaped Wristbands - Custom Printed Locally

    LED Slap Bands

    Litter Free Tyvek

    PVC Reflective Slap Bands

    Silicon Key Tag Debossed or Printed

    Silicone Band with Gel LED

    Silicone Slap Band Full Colour Print

    Silicone Slap Band Printed Optional Debossed

    Silicone Wristband 12mm Debossed

    Silicone Wristband 12mm Debossed and Ink Filled

    Silicone Wristband 12mm Embossed

    Silicone Wristband 12mm Printed

    Silicone Wristband 25mm Debossed and Ink Filled

    Silicone Wristband 25mm Wide Debossed

    Silicone Wristband 25mm Wide Printed

    Sublimated Elastic Wristband 25mm

    Sweat Wristbands

    Tyvek Eziband Wristband - Bully Free Zone

    Tyvek Eziband Wristband - Cyberspace