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  • Lanyards


    At Bladon WA, we proudly supply one of the broadest selections of lanyards in Perth and sell them at unbeatable prices. Moreover, if you order your lanyards in bulk, you could receive a significant discount. 

    Since 1988, we’ve been helping companies, charities and other organisations bolster their brand with our customisable products, and you can count on us for timely deliveries and excellent customer service. If you need help choosing the right lanyards for your purposes, don’t hesitate to call us.



    We have lanyards available in an almost unlimited range of styles, designs and colours. Whether you need lanyards for your employees or promotional products, we have the perfect solution for you. Just some of the lanyards we supply include:

    - Lanyards with swivel clips

    - Neck wallet and badge holders

    - Nylon lanyards

    - Bootlace lanyards

    - Fully recycled lanyards

    - Ribbon lanyards

    - Polyester woven lanyards

    - Cord lanyards 

    - Bungee coil lanyards

    Above is a far from exhaustive list of the lanyards we have available. As you can see from browsing our product pages, we have hundreds of options on offer, all of which can be customised to bolster your company’s branding. We understand that perusing such a vast selection of lanyards can be time-consuming, so if you need any advice, give our professionals a call.



    Lanyards can be used for a broad range of purposes, and we have solutions that are perfect for just about all of them. Whether you need accessories to for electronics, free giveaways for your corporate or charity event, uniform accessories or safety straps, you’ll find them here at Bladon WA.

    If you’re shopping for custom lanyards in Perth, you might also be interested in browsing our selection of identification cards and badges. If you’re purchasing lanyards for promotional purposes, check out our range of key tags, desk items, USB drives and executive gifts.

    We can customise almost all the products we sell according to your design requirements. Plus, because we’re a wholesaler, we can almost guarantee you won’t find more affordable products of the same quality elsewhere. The next time you need high-value, durable, stylish and customisable lanyards in Perth, look no further than Bladon WA. Call us if you need help narrowing down your options.


    Detailed View

    This Website has a large range of items but it can be daunting for a client, so we encourage you to Call or Email us so we can do the work for you. You are currently not logged into our web site.

    Lanyard - White

    Artemis Woven Lanyard

    Azure Sublimated Lanyard

    Lumen Lanyard Cable

    Bullet Budget Lanyard

    Cotton Lanyard

    Full Color 38 inch Lanyard w Ring

    Hang In There Lanyard

    Hang In There Lanyard Plus

    Lanyard with Bulldog Clip

    Lanyard with Flat Panel

    Lanyard with Lobster Clip

    RFID Card holder with Lanyard

    The Bottle Strap-Lanyard

    The Reflective Stitch Lanyard

    Bling bling lanyard Limited Stock Silver

    Gemini 10mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Alligator Black or Red

    Gemini 15mm Plain Lanyard Made to Order Locally

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester ADJUSTABLE Lanyard with Double Alligators and Breakaway

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Alligator

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Alligator and Breakaway

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Carabiner and Breakaway

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Dog ClipCarabiner

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Double Alligator and Breakaway

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Double Alligators

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Double Dog ClipCarabiner

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Swivel Hook

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester Lanyard with Yoyo Attachement - Black

    Gemini 15mm Plain Polyester with Swivel Hook and Breakaway

    Gemini 20mm Plain Lanyard with Alligator