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5 Important Features of a Corporate Uniform

Corporate uniforms come in all shapes of colours, fabrics, and textures. These variables can affect how workwear is perceived by your consumers and you want to achieve a level of coherence that’s synonymous with your brand. Your corporate clothing should match your company’s goals, values, and visions if you want to utilise it to its full advantage. Regardless of whether you’re fresh out of the startup or in need of a redo on your organisation’s current look, it is crucial to nail the foundations of a great

The Importance of a Corporate Uniform

No matter which industry you’re in, having a corporate uniform is an integral part of your marketing strategy. One way to implement this strategy is by providing your employees with workwear and apparel that features your brand’s logo. Branded uniforms have been shown to be a cost-effective way of boosting employee morale, customer engagement, and your brand identity. Supplying your workforce is with a corporate uniform can be a time-consuming and costly expense. But how can you be assured that it’s worth your

Why the Material Used on a Polo Shirt is Very Important

Take a look at your polo shirt. You’ll notice that their fabrics are a little bit different compared to your favourite t-shirt or button up. But why is that exactly? Turns out there’s a reason behind the materials used for this iconic garment. From sporting attire to leisurewear, the polo shirt has come a long way since it was first introduced. Today we’ll be discussing the significance of the fabrics that make up the polo shirt and find out why the choice of materials is very important. The history of the polo

The Best Colours to Use for a Corporate Uniform

Few things are more noticeable in a uniform than its colour. It’s the first thing that people notice and the colour of your uniform can send a subliminal message about your brand in general. While colour perception can be somewhat subjective, psychologists have documented its effects on human behaviour. For example, cool colours like blue and green evoke a feeling of calmness while brighter colours like red and yellow stimulate the body and mind. Colours can affect people in subconscious ways and this makes it an

How to Add Creative Messaging on Promotional Products

For some people, promotional products mean slapping their company logo onto an item and calling it a day. For others, they use both design and creative messaging to better promote their brand. While both strategies are an effective way to spread brand awareness, the latter can help take your marketing and sales to the next level. If you’re looking to build a strong corporate identity, you have to be creative with how you promote your company. Brand awareness is crucial to a company’s overall growth. It’s what
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