Our Process

Rest Assured, Quality of Your Mechandise is Our Priority

The Bladon team are so invested in their work culture and their clients they call themselves Bladonians: an enthusiastic, energetic species native to Western Australia. As Bladonians they thrive on helping organisations match the perfect bespoke branded product with a gifting or promotional experience.

This experience can take many forms.

How the Merchandise is Produced


Customer Advocates

Customer Advocates act as mediators between you and the Bladon team to make sure communication is clear, all projects run smoothly on time and on budget and you enjoy the process of creating an experience using Bladon WA products and knowledge.

Experience Facilitators

Experience Facilitators are the champions of your brand giving life to it by providing innovative merchandise and design solutions and helping you deliver your business objectives. They offer professional and reliable advice, using their in-depth industry knowledge to develop solutions that will amaze and engage your staff or customers.

Quality Improvement Technician

Quality Improvement Technicians are responsible for finding new and innovative items to add to Bladon WA’s product list. In many ways they are the door keepers of Bladon WA: only high quality innovative products are allowed pass through the Bladonian vaulted doors.

Visual Merchandise Artist

The Visual Merchandise Artists have the eye when it comes to seeing how best to manipulate merchandise to make sure that it looks presentable and reflects a positive brand image. They use their exceptional design and creativity skills to make products come to life.

Production Leader

The Production Leader’s make sure Bladon WA’s delivers the best products on time and on budget. They also maintain premium quality standard for all our products and services: from the type of materials used in a product idea to the application of your brand and the method of production and delivery.

Experienced Delivery Officer

The Experienced Delivery Officer offers our clients peace of mind with the assurance that their finished products will arrive in a timely manner and in only the best condition. They only use trusted transport companies, whereby all orders can be monitored and tracked throughout its whole journey – from the Bladon WA warehouse and right into your very own hands.