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Laser Engraving

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Pens, keyrings, bottle openers, USB flash drives, beer mugs and wine glasses are all perennial favourites in the corporate merchandising and promotional gifts sector and with good reason. All of these items are very useful as far as most recipients are concerned, and more importantly as far as your brand awareness ambitions are concerned, they are all frequently used in public, where they are seen by hundreds of potential customers. Happily, they all have something else in common that makes them perfect corporate giveaways: they can all be laser engraved with your corporate/brand name and contact details.

With our competitively priced laser engraving in Perth, you can afford to give away thousands of beautifully decorated pens, keyrings and pewter items without exceeding your annual marketing budget!

How Our Laser Engraving in Perth WA Works

The Laser Engraving services we offer cover a multitude of brandable products that are too numerous to list. If you have identified a suitable product line for your target market that looks impossible to print on, think again and get in touch with us at your convenience.

We use high-quality laser engraving equipment to decorate all types of metal and glass items with both straightforward and intricate designs. In simple terms, our laser engraving devices shoot high-energy particles at metal and glass surfaces, heating and removing the uppermost layer. The revealed layer underneath contrasts with the remaining upper layer, resulting in a permanent decoration on your promotional items that will provide your company with lasting exposure to potential customers. We can supply products for engraving or engrave items that you provide us with.



Laser engraving pens with your business name and telephone number is a great way to ensure that the recipients of your corporate gifts never forget your company name or how to get in touch with you.

Pewter Business Card Holders

We can engrave our stylish pewter business card holders with your company name and number, which will be seen not only by the recipients every day but by all their colleagues too.


Laser engraving key ring is another great way to make sure that your customers always remember your company name. Keyrings are used by millions of people on a daily basis, making them an excellent choice for this type of promotional branding.

Stainless Steel Bottle Openers

With our competitively priced laser engraving in Perth, you can afford to present all of your customers with beautiful brushed stainless steel bottle openers, emblazoned with your corporate logo and name.


There are many other types of glass and metal promotional gifts that we can laser engrave for you: the only limit is your imagination. If you would like us to help you choose the best types of promotional products to engrave and present to your customers, please call any time during business hours to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced consultants.

What Can Our Perth Laser Engraving Specialists Decorate with Your Corporate Logo and Name?

Laser Engraving is suitable for a wide range of promotional product items that are metal or wooden in nature including drinkware, pens, key rings and cheeseboards to name a few.

Our Laser Engraving Perth WA Team

In common with all Bladonians, every member of our laser engraving team is fully trained and committed to providing you, our valued customer, with the highest standard of service possible. If you want to make sure that your promotional gifts are engraved by specialists who genuinely care about the quality of the work they do every day, call today for more information on our laser engraving in Perth.

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