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  • Polo Shirts


    High Quality Embroidered Polo Shirts in Perth

    Regardless of whether your company is involved in the hospitality trade, medical field, education or retail sectors, embroidered polo shirts provide the perfect fit. As part of a company uniform, embroidered polos are a cost-effective way to both promote your brand and standardise the dress code in any given environment. Depending on the size of your company, club or retail premises, you will need to buy in bulk in order to get best value for money. Bladon WA tick all the boxes in regard to quality, price and levels of service.

    Our current range of polo shirts in Perth include a wide range of styles and colours for both men and women. Please click on the images below for full product specifications and bulk buy information.

    Embroidered Polo Shirts in Perth for Leisure

    The embroidered polos we offer are by no means just limited to the workplace. Our current clients include golf clubs, sports teams and leisure centres and are worn by employees and their customers alike. One design element that runs central throughout our whole range of embroidered polos is comfort. Designed to be worn all day, the materials used in the manufacture of our polo shirts is both lightweight and easy to wash and dry.

    If your club or organisation is looking for a practical yet comfortable clothing option for either employees or club members, look no further than Bladon WA.

    A Valuable Marketing Tool

    Aside from the aforementioned practicalities of our Perth polo shirts, the marketing potential should definitely not be overlooked. Our polo shirts can be used to promote your brand wherever you are and could even be used as promotional giveaways at trade shows, expos and conferences. Polo shirts are very popular items as promotional tools and every time your recipients wear them, they are effectively promoting your brand wherever they go. If you have a marketing strategy in place and are looking for a different channel in which to promote your brand, our embroidered Perth polo shirts could be just what you’ve been looking for.

    Order Today

    If you know what you want and have the artwork ready, you can order from our online shop, safely and securely. If you do have any questions about any of the products/services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 9240 7900 during normal business or using our online enquiry platform. Alternately, please e-mail us directly at sales@bladonwa.com.au

    Detailed View

    This Website has a large range of items but it can be daunting for a client, so we encourage you to Call or Email us so we can do the work for you. You are currently not logged into our web site.

    Academy Ladies Polo

    Academy Mens Polo

    Byron Ladies Polo

    Byron Mens Polo

    Crew Ladies L/S Polo

    Crew Mens L/S Polo

    Kids Crew Polo

    Kids Flash Polo

    Kids Razor Polo

    Kids Renegade Polo

    Kids Splice Polo

    Kids Sprint Polo

    Ladies Aero Polo

    Ladies Aston Polo

    Ladies Blade Polo

    Ladies Cambridge Polo

    Ladies Charger Polo

    Ladies City Polo

    Ladies Coast Polo

    Ladies Crew Polo

    Ladies Cyber Polo

    Ladies Edge Polo

    Ladies Elite Polo

    Ladies Flash Polo

    Ladies Fusion Polo

    Ladies Galaxy Polo

    Ladies Ice Polo

    Ladies Jet Polo

    Ladies Micro Waffle Polo

    Ladies Neon Polo