What custom branded apparel can do for your business

What custom branded apparel can do for your business

Making your business stand out can be tricky, and even more so, getting people to remember your brand. There are endless ways to put your name out there, but nothing matches custom-branded clothes. Many marketing techniques, such as flyers and business cards, can feel wasted with their often-disposable nature. Giving someone something they can use in their work and personal life; that’s a winner! 

Throughout this article, we will discuss how custom-branded clothes help brand awareness for your business. We aren’t only talking polo shirts with a logo; our approach is sure to catch the eyes of potential clients far and wide. There is a huge variety of apparel to choose from; you can give your employees and clients something to suit their tastes, taking your brand with them wherever they go.

Why custom apparel is good for business

Custom apparel can send your business skyrocketing. A well-thought-out item of clothing with your company logo or slogan can go a long way. It is a marketing technique that helps you stand out against competitors and maintain prominence in the public’s minds. All eyes will be on you with a vast selection of apparel and a plethora of styles to choose from. This cost-effective strategy knows no boundaries in business promotion, so let’s discuss why it is right for you.

First, who isn’t happy when given something you can use again and again? Your audience will be thrilled with a stylish t-shirt, hat, shorts, jacket, or a fresh pair of socks – especially a fresh pair of socks. A good freebie or company shirt will not only help your brand linger in your audience’s thoughts, but it emphasises the quality of your company and shows that you are willing to put in the extra effort. 

Along with a heightened probability of attracting new clients, you’ll be increasing the loyalty of the ones you already have. More and more people will be reminded of your company, whether a passer-by encountering your eye-catching hoodie on a breezy day or a client opening the closet before their morning jog. Whatever it is, with custom-branded clothes, people will be aware of your business for some time to come. 

There are a multitude of reasons why custom apparel is good for business. You will effectively raise an army of free mobile advertisements in walks of life that you might not have thought to venture towards. You will get to show off your brand in style, boasting your professionalism and dedication to your customers. It isn’t a one-trick pony, as it can and will be reused. They are perfect for giveaways that will create an experience that your customers or employees will associate with your business in a positive way. 

How custom-branded apparel makes your business look righteous

Branded apparel is one thing, but making it stand out above the rest; that’s where Bladon WA comes in. With the great selection of apparel and your ideas, you are sure to get ahead of the game. A combination of your logo, slogan, or creative ideas with an abundance of fashionable and quirky items to choose from; that’s when your brand will shine brighter than the rest. 

There are a few ways that you can acquire a second take from potential customers when they see your branded apparel. If your business logo is self-explanatory, include an easy-to-remember website name or phone number. You could be as bold as to include a QR code that encourages potential customers to interact with your existing ones. If you worry that the clothing might become overcrowded, you could create a simple but eye-catching design that urges people to Google your business. Sometimes, with a dazzling design and little text, potential customers are allured by an essence of mystery and gravitate towards that search engine. 

We all know how effective branding is, but don’t think it’s just the big names that can achieve public awareness. With custom-branded apparel, you really do get out what you put in. From small businesses to giant corporations, custom-branded apparel will undoubtedly leave its mark. With clothing and accessories that look good, you’re exposing your brand to as many people as possible and making an impression that lasts. People will start associating specific colours with your brand; you’ll come up in conversations and create a feeling of familiarity with people who may never have noticed you.  

It might sound challenging to reach this desired level of exposure through custom-branded apparel, but it’s honestly not. Blandon WA keeps it simple and will discuss any specific requests that you have. If you’re unsure about a design, partnering with Blandon WA will ensure you get the best turnout for your business promotion. With an expert hand by your side, you can create clothing that can both dazzle and promote your brand.

Get in touch with the experts in custom-branded apparel 

If you want to begin or improve your visual marketing campaign through custom-branded apparel, the time to start is now. Blandon WA has over 30 years of experience since opening its doors in Perth in 1988. All products are sourced from Australian manufacturers, so besides supporting local businesses, there is no need to worry about shipping delays, excruciating expenses, or poor-quality products. Each customised item you put out there will raise the awareness of your brand; it is an absolute must addition to your marketing strategies.

Custom-branded clothing suppliers don’t come much better than Blandon WA. On top of the quality, experience, and 100% client satisfaction rating, we will assist you every step of the way. Full creative assistance will be offered throughout the entire process, so you don’t need to worry about making mistakes. Blandon WA prides itself on satisfying some of the top organisations across Australia. We guarantee to work closely with each client to create unique, bespoke, and memorable custom designs. 


Custom Branded Backpacks – A Mobile branding phenomenon and trend

Custom Branded Backpacks – A Mobile branding phenomenon and trend

Backpacks of any description are widely adopted by people around the world who need to carry their possessions comfortably, safely and conveniently from A to B. From Perth to Paris, from London to Lima you cannot fail to notice that almost everyone is wearing a backpack of some description, but a custom branded backpack offers much more than a standard, nondescript backpack, they can also be utilised as a valuable marketing tool.

Practical and Promotional

The real beauty of custom branded backpacks is the fact that they are immensely practical above all else. Other promotional products such as branded pens, t-shirts, mugs etc all have their place as promotional tools, but they tend to be used sporadically, whereas a custom branded backpack can be used daily by virtually all sections of society and by people of all ages. The advantages of custom branded backpacks are numerous but the fact they are a staple of daily life across the world goes someway in outlining their marketing potential.

It’s all about design and quality materials
As touched upon above, while the advantages of custom branded backpacks are numerous, it’s vital that the materials used, the level of workmanship and the logo itself are of the highest quality. A shoddily made backpack, along with an amateurish logo has the potential to convey that poor quality is associated with the brand itself, this is obviously something to be avoided at all costs. By engaging the services of an experienced branding company with a proven track record in producing quality products this scenario can be negated completely.

Great for tradeshows, exhibitions and much more

The advantages of custom branded backpacks as promotional giveaways are obvious, they not only spread your brand message far and wide they also provide the ideal conveyance for attendees to carry any other marketing materials they have accumulated at the event, making it a win-win for both your company and the delegates. In addition to the expo world, there are many more areas where quality branded backpacks can pack a mighty punch regarding both practicality and mobile advertising including:

  • Schools & Universities
  • Sports/Fitness Clubs
  • Employee induction kits
  • Special events

The above examples represent merely a fraction of the areas where well-made and well-designed custom branded backpacks can make an impact, there are many other sectors far too numerous to mention. If you need any help or inspiration, the friendly team at Bladon WA are only a call away.

Fashionable and Fun

When it comes to the design of custom branded backpacks, it’s not all about marketing messages or practicality, they can also be fashionable and fun items as well. If you have a quirky design in mind that you think will raise a smile or two or set a trend, get in touch with us and send us your design and we’ll see what we can do.

If your organisation is looking for custom branded backpacks that really hit the mark in regard to promoting your brand, Bladon WA is the team to call. Get in touch today to get a quote, place an order or discuss your design options.  


Arranging Corporate Christmas Gifts – Our Top Tips

Arranging Corporate Christmas Gifts – Our Top Tips

With the festive season fast approaching, there’s not much time left to prepare Christmas gifts for your employees, customers and suppliers. However, if you’ve been caught on the hop this year and wondering how to organise corporate Christmas gifts in under a month, there’s no need to panic: we’ve gathered together all our top tips for busy managers in this guide. All you need to do is follow our suggestions to ensure that everybody on your list gets the perfect corporate Christmas gift in 2022.

Our Top Tips for Corporate Gifts This Christmas

As there’s no time to waste, we’re going to jump straight in and get started. Simply go through the list below and you’ll have no problem getting everything organised in time for Christmas.

  • Prepare Your Gift List – Without a list of recipients, you are sure to forget someone who really matters to your organisation so whatever else you do this year, don’t skip this all-important first step. Make a list of all the people you want to send a gift to and note down their addresses at the same time. To make this step easier, we suggest dividing the list into 4 groups: customers, suppliers, employees and special friends. In the last category, you can place everyone who is neither a supplier, employee nor customer but is nonetheless very important to you and your company.
  • Decide on a Budget – The task of picking gifts for people in each category will be much easier if you fix a budget beforehand. Once you have done this, you can focus on gift ideas within a certain price range for each category in your

list. Whether you spend the same amount on customers, employees and suppliers or you allocate a larger proportion of the budget to one category is up to you. Many companies like to use this time of year to let their workers know how much they are appreciated so if you want to spend a little more on your employees, go for it!

  • Pick a Corporate Branding Idea – The best type of corporate branding to use for your Christmas gifts will depend on what sort of gifts you are planning to send and what you would like the gifts to say about your company. In most cases, a simple, bold corporate logo is often the best choice but you can add your company name and contact details too if appropriate. You can, of course, choose a different corporate branding idea for each recipient category in your list. For example: whilst your employees will not really need gifts that have been printed with your company phone number, your customers may well appreciate this extra touch.
  • Get Everything Approved – If you want to know how to organise corporate Christmas gifts in a hurry, one of the keys to success is to obtain approval from all stakeholders and decision-makers at the earliest possible opportunity. Once you have decided on your corporate branding and set a budget for the gifts you’ll be buying, you should send all the relevant documentation to your management team without delay. The sooner your plans are approved, the sooner you can place orders with the corporate gift suppliers you have chosen to work with this year, which brings us neatly to the next tip in our list.
  • Choose Your Gift Suppliers Carefully – If you’re organising corporate Christmas gifts at this late stage, the last thing you need is unnecessary delays so we recommend choosing your suppliers very carefully. You need companies that are capable of working to tight deadlines and that can communicate clearly at all times, to ensure there are no misunderstandings or missed details. If you are based in Australia, you are more than welcome to get in touch with the gifting team at Bladon WA. We have many years of experience in the corporate and promotional gifts industry and we help companies all over the country to organise Christmas gifts for employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Choose Specific Gifts for Each Category of Recipient – If you have not done so already, now is the time to finalise your choice of gifts for each category of recipient in your Christmas gift list. You may like to add a star to anyone in your list that you consider to be a VIP and choose personalised gifts for these recipients. However, in most cases, we recommend sticking with a specific gift idea for each group, both to make your life easier and to ensure that none of your recipients are disgruntled when they find out what other people received.
  • Place Your Orders – At this stage, you should have received approval for your budget and corporate branding, chosen which suppliers to deal with and picked a suitable gift idea for each recipient category in your list. If you are still struggling with this last task and you would appreciate some help, you can call and speak to one of our experts during normal business hours. We’re always happy to share more tips for corporate gifts: this Christmas or any other Christmas that you may need our assistance with!
  • Organise the Presentation of Gifts – While you are waiting for your corporate gifts to arrive, you can decide how they are going to be presented to recipients. For suppliers and customers, we recommend using the postal service or a trustworthy courier. For employees, you can arrange a special presentation during your annual Christmas party or any other time that is convenient. For special friends, we will leave it up to you. If they are far away, a courier service will probably be the easiest solution; if they are nearby, a personal presentation is a nice touch that is sure to be appreciated.

Don’t forget, the team at Bladon WA is always here to help should you need us. Whether you’re still trying to come up with special gift ideas for loyal customers or the ultimate employee gifting checklist, feel free to call or message us right now.