Promotional Products in the Age of Remote Work

Promotional Products in the Age of Remote Work

Since the pandemic, the world has changed in numerous ways. Some have been a breeze to settle Into, while we are still adjusting to others. One of the significant changes that we have witnessed is the rise in remote working. On the one hand, it saves money and is much more convenient for employees, but where does it leave the employer? Many employers feel the effects of distance between themselves and remote employees; in fact, many people feel distanced from multiple aspects of their daily lives.
This is where the importance of promotional products comes in. In a world where people feel distanced from each other, it is crucial to maintain a close bond with employees, stakeholders, and customers. Promotional products work as a perfect tool for just that. In fact, they are now more appreciated than ever before and are more likely to achieve their goal. In this article, we will discuss why it is more important than ever to spread brand awareness to remote workers, the benefits of doing so, how to build a rapport with remote workers and share some incredible ideas for gifts and goodies.

Building a rapport from anywhere in the world

Many of us have been worried about maintaining solid relationships with employees, clients, and customers since the pandemic. Not having a physical presence can make it feel near impossible. However, living in a remote working world can do quite the opposite. With everyone adjusting to the new normal, companies have enhanced their service so that you can build rapport with people from anywhere in the world. You can even deliver your promotional products straight to their intended location, cutting out the middleman. When someone receives your kind-hearted gift, they will appreciate your efforts, and their loyalty towards your brand will increase

The benefits of sending promotional products to remote workers

We all know the benefits of promotional products, but when you send them to remote workers, there are some additional bonuses that are worth a mention.
Showing appreciation – Before remote working, there were endless ways you could show appreciation to a workforce, but now options can feel somewhat limited. Besides an email, the only thing left is to send them a physical token of your appreciation. Also, remote workers will be much more appreciative of a gift than ever before.
Improves motivation – Although working at home sounds like a dream for many, it doesn’t come without its flaws. One of the major drawbacks is definitely a lack of motivation. However, receiving a promotional product can often be the most beneficial thing to improve it. Everybody loves a freebie, and even more so when it is sent personally.
Creates a proactive environment – Showing employees their work has value can be achieved easily through promo products. Even though there is no physical presence, a small reminder is the perfect thing to create a proactive environment for workers at home. This is also a valuable tool to show customers and clients they are still valued.
Creates a feeling of less distance between you and them – If you don’t create ways of showing your gratitude, then they will begin to feel even more distant than they already are. Regular check-ins and goodie bags of branded products will break down these barriers and make people feel much more together.

Brilliant branded product ideas for remote workers

It’s all good knowing the benefits of branded products for remote workers, but what do you give them? Here is a list of some of the most popular branded products on the market that are perfect to receive when working from home.
Office supplies – of course, office supplies are a timeless classic in terms of branded products. These wonderful and useful gifts are now more helpful than ever for the average remote worker, so they are only increasing in popularity. Promotional products in this category might include notepads, pens, mouse pads, and anything else someone can use throughout their workday.
Self-care products – Branded products such as eye masks, lotions, soaps, and manicure kits are absolute winners for the remote worker. Gestures like these will be appreciated and boost anyone’s motivation.
Home Entertainment – Some of the most popular branded products on the market are earphones, Bluetooth speakers, or any other useful technology. When working at home, it is essential to maintain a healthy work-fun balance. These promotional products will do just that, making your brand remain fondly in their minds.
Fitness and health – Alongside the uprising of remote working also came a fitness surge. There are so many branded products in this category it can be hard to choose. People are sure to love a new branded gym bag or some sportswear.
Branded apparel – It doesn’t matter how many clothes you own; branded apparel is always a winner. Everyone needs a new t-shirt or hoodie, whether to laze around the home or boast on a lunch date with mates. With the increase in remote working, people love something comfortable to add to their wardrobe.
Evening treats – When the work day finishes, there is nothing like leaving the home office and heading for a bottle of red or even a cheese platter and a movie. There are various branded products you can treat people to that will accommodate a wonderful evening.

Find out more about promotion products for remote workers

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