How promotional products can help improve employee retention

How promotional products can help improve employee retention

How promotional products can help improve employee retention

Nowadays, it can seem challenging to keep employees engaged. Even with a competitive job market, employees’ interest can fade at the slightest thing. With the cost of hiring a new employee being up to tens of thousands, it is something that every company needs to work on. Employee retention goes beyond salary, holiday, or remote work benefits. Workers need to feel confidence and pride in their company. They need to feel like part of a team. So how do you encourage them to stay?

Research suggests that promotional products can help a great deal, whether a new bag, jacket, or some new tech. As simple as it sounds, it is a tried and tested method that can motivate a workforce and promote employee retention massively.

Improving their confidence in your company

Promotional products can have a tremendous impact on employee confidence in the company. It shouldn’t stop with a welcome goody bag, either. Internal marketing has been proven to boost engagement. If you don’t know what your employees want, try giving them a choice or voting on a new product. Allowing them to be part of the decision will also work in your favour.

Instilling a sense of pride

As well as internal marketing, external marketing also works excellently. For example, the more often your employees see promotional products outside of work; they will feel a great sense of pride.

Encouraging them to stay 

It is all good to gift an employee once in a while, but what will make them want to stay? As mentioned before, it might go beyond a pay rise. Try offering an anniversary program or reward system. Anything that gives an employee recognition for their dedicated work can go a long way.

What types of products work?

So you have set a budget, but you’re still unsure what products your employees might want. Here is a list of some great promotional products for employee retention.

  • Summertime essentials – Give your employee something they can and will use out of work. This can range from picnic blankets and cooler bags to bottle openers and beach towels. If you can think of something that you would use on a day out with friends or family, then your employees will undoubtedly use it too. 
  • Things for the office – This one may seem obvious; however, there is so much you can do with it. There are some quality products out there that can genuinely wow your employees. A high-quality compendium can go a long way, depending on the line of work. If that isn’t necessary, there are plenty more items, such as laptop bags, tablet stands, filers, folders, or diaries. 
  • A smart bit of tech – There are heaps of affordable gadgets out there that are sure to impress any employee. Imagine receiving a wireless phone charger or Bluetooth earbuds from your employer. A promotional product like this will show your employee how much they mean to the company. 
  • Eco-friendly promotional products – You can also go for something a little bit different. These days many people are conscious of their impact on the environment. You can try an eco-friendly product to show employees how much you care about them and the planet. This kind of promotional product can work wonders, instilling a different sort of pride in your workforce. 
  • Think of something we all need but don’t think to buy – A lot of essential items seem to find their way to the bottom of our shopping list. It’s like receiving a good pair of socks at Christmas. Consider treating your employees to something useful like an umbrella, oven gloves, kitchen towel, or tote bag. You’ll receive a lot of appreciation, and it is sure to boost employee retention.

Try out a work event

Work events are fantastic at creating close bonds amongst colleges, and it is the perfect place to give out goody bags of promotional products and prizes. As well as being fun, employees will associate their new products with having a great time at a company event. Instilling a sense of togetherness in your company will increase productivity and encourage employees to stay where they are. 

Furthermore, try and make an event once or twice a year. Having something to look forward to and to chat about on lunch breaks is a great way to keep up motivation in the workplace. 

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