The impact of promotional products on brand trust and reputation

The impact of promotional products on brand trust and reputation

When it comes to promotional branded merchandise, many companies focus on attracting new customers but it’s also very important to not forget existing customers. Marketing specialists also need to brainstorm to formulate a branding strategy that also focuses on customer retention. For example, branded mouse mats and USB flash drives are most definitely a good choice to attract the attention of new customers but current clients will not be overawed with the same offerings at every event, year after year, so it’s important to diversify to maintain brand trust and reputation. Simply put, if your promotional products are stale and repetitive, there’s always a chance that this could also reflect on your core business offerings. Diversity is key. 

How promotional merchandise help with customer retention

As previously mentioned, the promotional items used to attract new customers should not necessarily be the same as those used for current clients. Research has shown that a customer is 60-65% more likely to buy your products or services if they have bought before, this is in contrast to the results for new customers that show a 20% chance of a new customer coming onboard as a result of marketing efforts. The message is clear, overlook current customers at your peril. 

Maintaining interest in your brand

A concerted effort in retaining existing customers should include a dedicated approach to ensure that they are kept on board. Items such as promotional products should be selected carefully to ensure that current clients know they are thought about and their custom is valued. Offering a new and exciting line of promotional products that fit well with their respective sectors will always go down well and ultimately reflect positively on your brand and company. Well-established promotional companies will always be happy to offer advice and recommendations on the latest and greatest promotional tools to ensure you keep current customers engaged with your brand. 

Personalising your brand

Although promotional branded items such as coffee mugs and pens might seem a bit old hat in today’s ultra-technological world, the value of useful everyday items should never be overlooked. Promotional products such as mugs and pens have stood the test of time for good reason, and this is because they are inherently useful and will always be used in some capacity. Using the same two examples, mugs and pens are highly personalised items and a constant reminder of your brand and therefore your core business offerings. Offering personalised products is a surefire way to retain existing customers in addition to boosting your brand and reputation as a company that puts some thought into its customer’s personal needs.   

Lasting Exposure

Useful items such as bags are not only great for carrying things from A to B, but they also offer a mobile marketing solution. Distributing good quality bags at a conference, exhibition, or tradeshow, on a purely functional level, is that they give delegates the vessel in which to transport their other complimentary gifts back to the office or home. Bags are just one example of the many promotional items that offer lasting exposure and can only serve to boost a brand’s reputation.

Buy Quality

If you are looking for promotional products in Perth or elsewhere in the world for that matter, it’s crucial to buy quality products from experienced and respected suppliers. Although it can be tempting to go for cheaper or even the cheapest promotional tools available, this can cause almost irreparable damage to your brand and company. Pick a company that knows what they’re doing and can guarantee the quality of both its products and branding. Buying high-quality promotional products should ultimately bring a good return on your investment and cement your reputation as a brand and company that is committed to delivering quality across every area of your business. 

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Promotional Products vs Traditional Advertising: Which is more effective?

Promotional Products vs Traditional Advertising: Which is more effective?

Promotional Products vs Traditional Advertising: Which is more effective?

Though traditional advertising methods, such as TV commercials, are effective, they can often be costly and unaffordable for smaller businesses. Forms of advertising can come in many different forms, such as billboards, posters, benches, or magazines. These forms of advertising can often limit viewers by only targeting people who drive a particular route or watch a specific TV show. Advertising is measured by cost-per-impression, meaning that the lower the cost per person that sees it, the better. Promotional products such as branded apparel have been proven to have a much lower cost-per-impression than other forms of advertising. In studies, most people have reported keeping some form of branded product for up to ten years or more. 

The benefits of promotional products

Branded products are great because you often provide potential customers with something they can use in everyday life. For instance, if we compare it to a billboard you will see on the way to work, you will likely be distracted thinking about the day ahead and focusing on the road. Providing someone with a product such as a laptop bag, t-shirt, pen, or umbrella means they will see your brand regularly, and everyone around them will too. Branded products are an excellent tool for developing public awareness of your brand.

Are promotional products cost-effective compared to other advertising?

One of the best things about promotional products is that they are far cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. They will also reach a wide-spread audience. As well as traditional advertising being expensive, there needs to be a great deal of care taken in selecting the target audience. Furthermore, people can make mistakes; if the correct target audience isn’t reached, it can be a massive waste of time, money, and resources. Promotional products are more uncontrollable; the initial person might be the preferred target market, but they will branch out towards people you might not have thought need your product. Many people have been surprised by how much company awareness has spread due to branded products.

Examples of some successful promotional products

When choosing a branded product, you will need to think of something that a person will not only put to good use but will also be used in the presence of other people. Here are some of our top picks of great promotional product ideas. 

1) Backpacks – People will always enjoy a new backpack to take shopping or to the beach. A multitude of people will see your brand. 

2) Laptop bags – A good laptop bag will be used daily. 

3) Cooler bags Make your business the point of conversation over a cold one. 

4) Reusable cups – People are now more environmentally conscious than ever. They will undoubtedly use their branded reusable cup in their personal and professional life.

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