Screen printing – A Tried and Tested Custom Branding Solution

Screen Printing – A Tried & Tested Custom Branding Solution

First invented by Chinese artisans almost two thousand years ago, screen printing is the process of passing ink through a fine mesh ‘screen’ with a stencil on it, stretched over a frame. These ancient geniuses used woven silk to create this mesh; hence, the process is sometimes called ‘silk-screen’ printing. The ink can only pass through the screen in areas where the tiny holes in the mesh are not blocked, creating the image on the object as it does so. 

The benefits of screen printing for promotional products

Screen printing is perfect for use in many ways, which we will highlight shortly, and is particularly good when creating custom-branded promotional products and giveaways. It is fair to say that screen printing is unrivalled in producing pristine, precise images, enhancing brand recognition and exuding quality. This drives customer engagement and promotes a sense of premium quality that people begin to associate with the brand in question. Some other benefits of screen printing include:

  • Durability—Screen printing ink is exceptionally durable and is especially permanent on fabrics. Items with screen prints can be washed up to fifty times before seeing degradation in the print. 
  • Vibrancy—The colours available with screen printing inks are a significant draw, as the range is genuinely impressive and covers almost any hue. 
  • Cost-effectiveness—Because the screen can be used repeatedly to produce the same design, screen printing is a dream for bulk orders and products that need to be identical. Once the design is made fast on the screen, the only materials required are the inks that will be passed through to create the image. 
  • Versatility—Depending on the type of screen printing ink chosen, designs can be added to almost any surface, porous or not. It is particularly good at putting designs onto fabric but can adorn everything from vinyl, metal, and wood to plastics, ceramics, and even glass. The sophisticated printers can produce images on a wide range of different products using the same screens. Unusual sizes or shapes cause no issues so designs can be applied to almost any product. 
  • Creative design possibilities—The scope of designs that can be transferred onto your promotional products is limited only by the artists’ imagination. 
  • Accuracy of results—Because the end product is an exact copy of whatever image was taped to the screen, the end result looks spectacular if the design does. This is not a case of taking a drawing or logo and transferring it into an embroidered design that comes close to the original; effectively, it is the original. 

The most effective design styles for screen printing

Although multi-coloured images can be created using repeated passes with different coloured inks and slight changes to the design, single-colour, bold designs are undoubtedly superior. Not only are they easier to produce, requiring only one image and one pass with the ink, but they are almost always more striking visually.

 Many companies choose to apply the colour most commonly associated with their brand, but if this is not a consideration, powerful colours look perfect. The colour of the promotional object that receives the image is also a crucial consideration; the Bladon WA team will walk you through it in detail before any printing commences. 

Integrating screen-printed products into your marketing strategy

As innovative promotional strategies go, screen printing your brand or marketing message onto promotional products is hard to beat. Because the nature of the objects is almost without restrictions, your design and marketing team can let their imaginations run wild and select any weird and wonderful objects they wish. The Bladon WA team are standing by to offer inspiration and assistance when required, and together, we can create a sensational range of printed promotional materials. 

Best-selling screen-printed products at Bladon WA

In our experience at Bladon WA, the best-selling promotional items people want to apply screen prints to include:

  • Tote bags
  • Drinkware
  • Novelty items
  • Lanyards 

You can use our fast screen printing services in Perth to customise a vast range of products, so please spend a few moments browsing the site to see just how extraordinary your options are when creating promotional products with us.


When creating memorable, top-tier promotional products, screen printing is unmatched in almost every way. Some features of screen printing we find especially compelling include:

  • Speed of application
  • Repeatability of design
  • Competitive pricing
  • Efficiency

Screen printing is streets ahead of the alternatives for larger orders of branded merchandising or promotional gifts. The factors mentioned above make it the perfect choice for large-quantity orders where the end results must be uniform. The fact that screen printing also represents one of the most cost-effective ways to custom brand products makes it a virtual no-brainer in terms of applying images to almost any item.

Contact Bladon WA

If you want more insights into the benefits of screen-printing your designs onto promotional products, please check out our screen-print services today. We can offer all the information, advice, and guidance required to create a bespoke set of premium products that will beautifully represent your brand and exude the quality your company deserves.


5 Reasons to Spend Your EOFY Marketing Budget on Branded Products

5 Reasons to Spend Your EOFY Marketing Budget on Branded Products

It is around this time every year that marketing directors start to panic about their budgets, and not for the normal reasons that people worry about their spending habits. As the end of the financial year (EOFY) draws closer, marketing managers and directors worry they are not spending money fast enough. If the entire annual budget is not used, there is a very good chance that next year’s budget will be smaller. So why spend your EOFY marketing budget on branded products? Well, that’s what we’re about to discover.

5 Reasons to Buy Branded Products With Your EOFY Budget

There are many options to consider when you have an end-of-year marketing budget surplus that you have to use or lose, but branded products (also known as promotional products) offer the most bang for your buck:

  1. Branded Products Lead to Greater Brand Awareness – A large-scale branded product campaign can significantly boost brand awareness not only among your target demographic but among members of the general public as well.
  2. Grateful Recipients Make Loyal Customers – People like to be remembered and they also like to be appreciated. Present them with a branded product as a gift, and your generosity is likely to be repaid with their loyalty.
  3. Branded Products Provide Lasting Exposure – Of all the things you could spend your EOFY budget on, branded products have the most potential for long-term exposure.
  4. POS Promotional Giveaways Can Boost Sales Immediately – Branded gifts that are presented to customers when they make a purchase have the potential to boost retail sales.
  5. Branded Products Help Build Better Business Relationships – If you want to nurture your existing business relationships and encourage new ones to flourish, there are few better ways to achieve your aim than through the giving of branded products.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see the attraction of branded products at any time of the year.

How to Use Branded Products for Best Results

There are various ways in which promotional gifts can be used at the end of the financial year, including :

  • Gifts for Clients to Show Your Appreciation
  • Rewards for Employee Productivity/Innovation/Effort
  • Trade Show Giveaways
  • Product/Brand Promotions

The most effective ways to use branded products will depend on the market you are operating in.

Trending Branded Products to Consider

If you would like to enjoy all the benefits promotional giveaways offer, you may like to start with some of the most popular products in our current range:

  • Urban RPET Umbrellas
  • Universal Travel Adapters
  • Reveal Cable Sets
  • Australian Place Jar Candles
  • Motor Caps
  • Deliver Food Containers

For more branded product ideas that often work particularly well at this time of year, we invite you to browse our catalogue at your leisure. If you need any help, please feel free to call during normal working hours or message us at any time. The team at Bladon WA is ready and waiting to provide you with all the help you need.