5 Company Gift Ideas That Work For Just About Anyone

As the year draws to a close, the holiday season kicks off. The Christmas season is usually a season of relaxing, a time to unwind and bring to mind the events of the year gone by. But this holiday season is also a season of giving, and if the rushing Christmas shoppers are any indication, we can say it’s actually a slightly stressful time of year. After all, having to choose from one of literally millions of possible things to gift to someone is not easy, and it is especially so for bosses considering gifts to give to their coworkers, subordinates, or superiors.

But it is 2018. The fabric of our society today has wires and electronics tightly woven through it; for that reason there are quite a lot of things that most of us can’t live without anymore. With that in mind, most of the gift ideas we’ve picked out won’t be the best possible gifts you can give to a particular person, as that would require a bit more of a personal touch. But in the context of the workplace, gifts do not have to be tailored specifically for each person; a gift can, despite not being the “perfect” one, be appreciated by the recipient at the very least. Here are a few of our top picks.

  1. Powerbanks and Wireless Chargers. In most lines of work, the smartphone tends to serve as a central hub of sorts for an employee. More often than not employees manage work emails, play games, and connect with friends and coworkers over the Internet all while using the same device, making the smartphone a gadget that effectively bridges the employee’s personal and professional lives. Because of the arguably pivotal role that it plays in your average John Smith, a typical smartphone tends to be used a lot over any given day. The problem with smartphones – even the latest and greatest models – is that they usually aren’t capable of lasting over a day without having to recharge, and high usage often drains the battery long before that.

    With this in mind, a great gift to start off this article is any accessory or gadget that helps keep the smartphone last for longer than it usually would. The two most popular of such devices are powerbanks (portable, high capacity batteries used to give gadgets some extra juice) and wireless charging sets (which can give even a cheap or low-spec smartphone a place to charge) without even plugging the phone into anything in the first place.

  2. Stationery and Office Supplies. Except for a select few cases, most jobs probably involve handling paperwork and manipulating their contents in some way. In such a case, a fresh new set of office supplies would no doubt be a great gift for the cubicle warriors in your life. Does your gift recipient sign a lot of documents at work? A shiny new pen would be a fancy gift that would make signing papers just a bit better while getting a lot of use at work at the same time. Does your gift recipient have too many pens and other small objects dotting his or her workplace? Help them to tidy up with a desk caddy that gives them a place for all of those small objects while throwing in a couple extra features on the side, all in one single item.

  3. Bags and Carrying Containers. Having a bunch of office supplies at your disposal should, in most cases, be a good thing; after all, if you have all of the supplies you might need, you wouldn’t need to go far to find it should the need arise. But there is such a thing as bringing too much stuff, and no employee should in most cases have to do so every day. If you notice this happening in a coworker you know, they might just be needing a little help with re-organising and de-cluttering. To help with this, a new work bag would work as an excellent gift. We offer a bunch of bag styles in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional backpack to folios, satchels, all the way to large duffle bags.

  4. Personal Audio. Every person’s life is set to a unique soundtrack. Whether it be rock, pop, country, hip-hop, jazz, or a combination of those, there is no denying that music is important to a lot of us. It helps us focus while at work and unwind outside of it. It helps us feel certain emotions that we otherwise won’t really feel in our everyday lives. For the music lovers in your workplaces, then, a great holiday gift would be a personal audio device like a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth earphones.

  5. Just about everything else! When it comes to corporate gifts, we at Bladon WA have you covered. Besides all of the product categories we’ve previously mentioned, we have a huge catalogue of products you can use as company gifts for your coworkers or clients from reusable water bottles to high visibility workwear and a whole lot more. We also offer customisation options on all of the products we have on offer to give them a more personalised touch. If you are at all interested in our services, give us a call at 08-9240-7900 or drop us an email at sales@bladonwa.com.au.