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The History of the Classic Polo Shirt

Only a handful of garments deserve the recognition of being a fashion classic and one of them is the polo shirt. This short-sleeved garment is a wardrobe essential that combines both style and comfortability, making it the perfect garment for casual and informal occasions. If you love wearing stylish polo shirts, then you have probably wondered how they came to be. This article will detail the entire history of polo shirts and how it became the modern style staple we know of today. Early 1800’s The origins of the

The Best Colours to Use for a Corporate Uniform

Few things are more noticeable in a uniform than its colour. It’s the first thing that people notice and the colour of your uniform can send a subliminal message about your brand in general. While colour perception can be somewhat subjective, psychologists have documented its effects on human behaviour. For example, cool colours like blue and green evoke a feeling of calmness while brighter colours like red and yellow stimulate the body and mind. Colours can affect people in subconscious ways and this makes it an

5 Essentials For Organisers of Large Events

Organising a large event can be quite a challenging process. There are a lot of intricacies that go into planning an event successfully and it all starts with having the right essentials. It’s better to be well-prepared upon arrival than having to scramble for things that you need at the last minute. Every organiser needs a solid game plan, especially when planning for an event of a corporate nature. Today we’ll be discussing essential items that organisers need when planning large events . Go grab some notes and

How to Empower Your Employees as a Brand Ambassador

Your employees are more than just a workforce. They are the lifeblood of your business and the way you engage with them has a significant impact on how they perform their tasks. As a brand ambassador, it’s your responsibility to rally your employees and empower them to achieve the very goals your company is aiming for. This is because proper employee engagement is key for driving company growth and performance. When you are actively engaging your employees, they feel a sense of recognition. They resonate with your

Tips on How to Design Uniform Embroidery Properly

Embroidery is a great way of giving your workplace apparel a unique look. It certainly adds to the design of the workwear and it helps create a thoughtful and professional appearance. Many business owners use workplace uniforms to effectively market their brand to a wider audience and embroidering does just that. Having your company logo embroidered on employee uniforms will help make your brand more visible to potential consumers.  Embroidery isn’t just used on general workplace uniforms like a bakers apron or
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