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Go Green With Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Are you in the market for merchandise to use as giveaways? We know it can be quite the challenge – after all, each and every object you push out into the market is an extension of your company, showing customers what you do, what you represent, and what you support and believe in. That’s quite a lot to communicate through one item, which is why it is often very difficult for businesses (especially new ones) to choose what merchandise to put out. But don’t worry; we’re here to help. If you

How to Calculate ROI on Promotional Product Giveaways

Say you want to start a new marketing campaign for your business that involves your business sending out promotional products. Say you’ve already worked out all of the specifics of this marketing campaign – who your target audience is, how you will distribute the products, and how you will spread awareness. Let’s also say you’ve pitched this to the higher-ups and have explained your plan to the best of your ability. Then one of the board members asks the question: “What’s the ROI on

The Hottest Promotional Product Trends for 2019

The promotional product industry is constantly changing. The products that are considered hot this year may not be popular next year as consumer behaviour and preferences constantly shift and new products are released every year.  Although digital is fast emerging as one of the marketing media of choice for many business owners, promotional products still take a large chunk of the market. In the country alone, the promotional product industry rakes in more than $1 billion annually. According to a survey, more than 80%

When the Quality of Your Promotional Merchandise Affect Your Company’s Image

When the Quality of Your Promotional Merchandise Affect Your Company’s Image Does the quality of your promotional items affect your company’s image? Does the public’s perception of your company and goods or services change when you hand out promotional items that easily break or do not work? The simple answer to both questions is a resounding “yes.” Imagine two companies that offer the same product. The quality of the products sold by both companies is roughly the same. Both companies

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Workwear for Your Business

For some industries and business sectors, a uniform or workwear is something that is absolutely essential. If you’re the owner of a new business or if you want your team to transition from wearing business casual to easily recognizable uniforms, here is a guide on how to choose the best uniforms for your business. Before you shop for corporate uniforms and workwear online or talk to a corporate wear vendor in your area, take time to analyze the message you want to convey and whether you want to use the outfits as
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