4 Perfect Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas that Excite Your Clients Or Employees

corporate christmas gifts

Ah, the season has come to thank clients for their loyalty, to reward employees for their hard work, or to just simply extend the goodwill of Christmas, and the dreaded question is upon business owners everywhere: What is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for clients or employees? We completely understand. With the business of the closing of the year upon all of us, business owners everywhere will be hard-pressed to do last minute closing business activities, let alone choosing the perfect Christmas gifts. Well, luckily I have some great ideas for your holiday season.

1. Gift cards that are prepaid and readily available for use. I absolutely love to dump out a stocking full of gift cards. I immediately know I will be able to use them whenever I want and that they will definitely get used. Another great option is your local coffee shop near your place of business. This helps a local business and also provides something people go crazy over, coffee. And while this idea will definitely be appreciated by your employees, it will also be popular with your clients.

2. Give your service or goods away for free. Drop a coupon or gift certificate for your own services into stockings this year. If your service is that good and you know your lifetime value of a client, give a little away for free in order to solidify your brand. Plus, what’s better than a gift that keeps on giving (back to you)?

3. Fun gifts. What about the trending fidget spinner or drink bottle with a spray mister? It will definitely inject some fun into hot Australian summer and be a keeper in the months to come. Imagine the fun that comes with them.

4. Invest in promotional products to giveaway with your company message or logo on it. This is a tried and true method that has been taken advantage of for years and years. I received a bundle of snuggies from a law firm I worked at, with their logo all over the thing. Guess what? I still use that snuggie to this day and will never ever forget that gift. Other good gifts that have been hitting the trade show circuits heavily are USB chargers with custom logos or screen cleaner stickers for phones and tablets with a custom message on it. Or what about the very trendy Keep Cup reusable coffee container? Not only do you keep your brand in circulation, you make people happy with actually useful handouts, and in the case of Keep Cup, you project your company’s image as that of environmentally conscious.

Yes, pens, cocoa packets, and mugs will still be ordered in great quantities this year, but why do something that is so played out? The point of a stocking stuffers for your clients or employees is to solidify your brand space in their minds. The best way to do it is to give them something that is not only useful but also novel. Not sure what to choose in the first place? Bladon WA is Perth’s best source of promotional products, corporate gifts and safety rewards. You can definitely rely on us to find the right thing for you. We work with any budget and great quality products. You only need to give us a call on (08) 9240 7900 or email us at mailto:sales@bladonwa.com.au