How to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Clients

Your ultimate goal in all your interactions with clients should be to establish trust. Through winning trust, you establish yourself as a genuine leader and cement brand loyalty. By showing people that you care and are interested in them, they will return the sentiment. It’s not possible to truly be successful without a network of connections based on trust.

We’ve compiled our top tips for forming a solid connection with your clients.

  1. Demonstrate your interest in their interests. You can’t expect others to be interested in you or your organisation, if you don’t show genuine interest in them. There’s a difference between seeming interested and genuinely being interested – people can detect your authenticity. You must teach yourself to legitimately care about others’ passions and concerns. In this day and age, there’s no excuse not to make time for other people if you want to achieve sustainable success.
  2. Smiling makes all the difference. It can often be difficult to bring yourself to smile during business interactions, as they tend to take a serious tone. But if you make the effort to smile first, you will set the emotional tone for everyone else. Smiling will bridge the gap between you and everyone you interact with, automatically forming a lasting connection.
  3. Remember names. Remembering the names of those you interact with has always been important. It creates the sense that you care and that they represent a person rather than a stepping stone for you. Remembering names is even more important as we delve more deeply into the digital age. Names are like logos for your personal brand. By remembering a name, you can understand everything that person represents. Your understanding of this has huge implications for both you and the other person.
  4. Listen. We’ve all heard it time and time again, listen to understand rather than to respond, but it is often a tough lesson to put into practice. Remind yourself each time you have a conversation with an important person for you to connect with to really connect with what they’re saying. Listen for any feelings they express, observe their body language, acknowledge their thoughts without interrupting and repeat back your interpretation of the other person’s sentiments to them so they know you have understood. These small actions all contribute to showing the other person you value them and what they have to say.

Finally, you can supplement the impression you make on the other person by providing them with mementos of your connection. Providing quality branded merchandise to a valued connection in a business setting is the equivalent of giving gifts to your friend in a personal setting. If you give good quality, functional merchandise people who use it will be reminded of your brand favourably every time they use it – establishing positive associations in their mind with your brand.

Bladon WA is passionate about create lasting impressions and building strong brand loyalty. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your relationships and in turn, your organisation’s success.