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Stimulating Customer Loyalty

Values drive business. You’ll often hear us touting on that the difference between a good brand and a great brand, one that will transcend time and minor pitfalls, is alignment of customer values with organisational values. We discussed this very topic in our last blog post, but this time we’d like to take it a step further. In our last article, we discussed the ‘experience’. We told you that by creating an experience beyond the basic functionality of your product, you provide your customers with a context to

Are You Delivering An Experience To Your Clients?

What exactly is marketing? On a superficial level it is the act of promoting products and services, with the purpose of eliciting customer engagement. In reality though, successful marketing is so much more. Marketing at its essence is creating an experience for the consumer – and many marketers tend to miss this integral aspect. So what exactly is the ‘experience’? It helps consumers to engage with the narrative behind your product or service and creates a context with which they can relate. A fantastic example

How to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Clients

Your ultimate goal in all your interactions with clients should be to establish trust. Through winning trust, you establish yourself as a genuine leader and cement brand loyalty. By showing people that you care and are interested in them, they will return the sentiment. It’s not possible to truly be successful without a network of connections based on trust. We’ve compiled our top tips for forming a solid connection with your clients. Demonstrate your interest in their interests. You can’t expect others to be

Top 5 Benefits to Corporate Gifts

Developing a corporate gift strategy is one of the best investments your company can make. Just imagine your business is presenting its products and merchandise and services at a trade expo or show. Every day, many potential customers are walking by your booth and enquiring further about your company. Several of the conversations you have are going to be fruitful and produce potential clients for your company. However, besides providing information to these potential clients, no other things are exchanged besides

The Worst Marketing Ideas Ever Put Into Action

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated: Use a lot of bright colors, commission a catchy jingle, a memorable logo and then collect your paycheck and go home. In fact, as long as your product doesn’t share a name with a horrible disease and you don’t hand over complete creative control to people who actively hate your company, you should be all set. Unfortunately, sometimes the marketing people still don’t get it right and end up wreaking havoc. Here at Bladon WA, we’ve got many years of marketing and
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