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Reaching Your Target Audience

How do you reach your target audience? Well, you need to know which channel to access them through, what time to engage with them and what message they will respond to. Most importantly, you need to know who they are. Is this starting to sound complicated? It doesn’t need to be. Since the rise in prominence of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many business owners have been feeling the pressure to be across all technologies and be utilising them at all times. This creates an overwhelming

What Does Colour Mean For You?

We bet you’ve never really considered how your brand’s colour scheme is affecting your customers. Have you ever noticed that all the main social media platforms use a blue colour scheme? Or that red is a prominent colour in most fast food outlets’ branding? Why is this? It’s more than just trying to be on the same level as their competition. It almost seems like they’re priming us to feel something specific when we say that colour, isn’t it? Although you might not consciously register feeling hungry when

B Is For Brand

What is branding? Whilst many people think they know, they fail to execute the fundamentals of branding. Many small businesses fail to realise that they need it and large businesses sometimes struggle to achieve consistent branding. In this week’s blog, we’re taking you back to the branding basics, in the hope that it will get you on track to establishing a secure brand for your organisation. So, let’s ask the question again: what is branding? A brand is a promise from your organisation to your customer. It tells

Stimulating Customer Loyalty

Values drive business. You’ll often hear us touting on that the difference between a good brand and a great brand, one that will transcend time and minor pitfalls, is alignment of customer values with organisational values. We discussed this very topic in our last blog post, but this time we’d like to take it a step further. In our last article, we discussed the ‘experience’. We told you that by creating an experience beyond the basic functionality of your product, you provide your customers with a context to

Are You Delivering An Experience To Your Clients?

What exactly is marketing? On a superficial level it is the act of promoting products and services, with the purpose of eliciting customer engagement. In reality though, successful marketing is so much more. Marketing at its essence is creating an experience for the consumer – and many marketers tend to miss this integral aspect. So what exactly is the ‘experience’? It helps consumers to engage with the narrative behind your product or service and creates a context with which they can relate. A fantastic example
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