Organising a large event can be quite a challenging process. There are a lot of intricacies that go into planning an event successfully and it all starts with having the right essentials. It’s better to be well-prepared upon arrival than having to scramble for things that you need at the last minute. Every organiser needs a solid game plan, especially when planning for an event of a corporate nature.

Today we’ll be discussing essential items that organisers need when planning large events . Go grab some notes and let’s get straight to it.

Essential items that organisers should always have

  1. A pen and paper.

The first essentials that any event organiser should have is a pen and paper. As an event organiser, you are responsible for planning seminars, exhibitions, conferences, and even corporate incentive trips. This means you’ll be coordinating with plenty of clients to find out their event requirements. You’ll need to write down detailed proposals such as setting the budget, selecting the venue, contacting suppliers, and managing every pre-event requirement to ensure that the event goes as planned.

Any requests your clients make should be noted right away so that you can fulfill their exact needs. Having a pen and paper with you at all times ensures that you’ll be able to write down important details in order to organise a successful event.

  1. A USB flash drive.

No event organiser is complete without a USB flash drive in his pocket. You should always have a backup of important files and documents pertaining to the event so you can have access to it anytime, anywhere. Carrying a briefcase full of documents might be a bit cumbersome, especially when you’re attending a large event. A USB flash drive is a convenient way of accessing your planner and the best part is, it fits right in your pocket.

You should store files such as your team’s marketing and advertising plan. your event proposal, and your client’s event requirements in your USB flash drive.

  1. A lanyard.

Lanyards can make a statement in a corporate setting, especially if you’re the one who organised the event. Not only do lanyards offer a convenient place for you to store your IDs, but it’s also a great promotional product that you can wear to promote your team and your services. Wearing a lanyard also makes you easier to identify. When people can identify you right away, you’ll be more likely to engage with potential clients that could hire you as their event organiser. These simple straps have the power to foster employee engagement, build your corporate identity, and promote your brand for little to no cost. What’s not to like?

  1. A wristband.

Wristbands make for a great promotional tool that an organiser should always carry. It’s more subtle than a lanyard and you can customise it with your own brand name or your team’s logo if you like. Wristbands can stir up a conversation since you won’t see too many people wearing one in a large corporate event.

Some wristbands have useful functions like magnetic clips that can act as a smartphone stand and others come with LED lights that are guaranteed to catch attention at any business setting. You can also hand it over as a promotional product to people at the event. A wristband is a subtle way of promoting your corporate identity so make sure to wear one when organising large events.

  1. A compendium.

Organising a large event can sometimes throw you off, but that doesn’t mean you should be disorganised yourself. This is where a compendium comes in and is perhaps one of the most important essentials any event organiser should have.. A compendium is a two-fold storage bag that houses your IDs, papers, pens, and other important items. It organises everything in a neat and orderly fashion so you don’t have to scramble around looking for your essentials which can be quite a hassle if you’re in a large corporate environment.

Compendiums usually come in A4 or A5 sizes so you can store your important documents as well. Leather options are available so you can organise your items in a classic and professional-looking manner.

Other essentials an organiser might need

Aside from these 5 essentials, there are other items worth noting that any organiser should have. These items are:


  • Power bank – It sucks when you’re out in a large corporate event and all of a sudden your battery runs empty. Always carry a power bank with you so you can juice up your mobile devices on the go.
  • Water bottle – Organising a large event can be physically exhausting. Make sure you’re always hydrated by carrying around a water bottle. Metal drink bottles and flasks look professional and can keep your drink hot or cold.
  • Jacket – Conferences and seminars can get quite chilly. Don’t forget to bring a jacket with you when organising a large event.
  • Multi-tool – You’ll never know when you’re going to need a pair of pliers or a bottle of opener during a big event. A multi-tool can come in quite handy in situations you might not expect.


These are the list of items an organiser should have in their arsenal when organising large events. It’s important to always carry the essentials so that you can step inside the event well-prepared and ready for the occasion.

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