4 Simple Ways We Can Help You with Your Promotional Product Campaign

4 Simple Ways Bladon WA Can Help You with Your promotional Campaign

4 Simple Ways Bladon WA Can Help You with Your promotional Campaign

We are almost halfway through 2018 already, and we’re excited about the end of the Financial Year! After all, what best way to end the end of financial year with optimal marketing and promotional budget and activities planning.

We hope the beginning of 2018 has brought many good tidings for you and your business. Now that we are almost at the end of the financial year, this is the right moment to look at your promotional budget and activities, and plan on the best ways to bring the rest of 2018 into fruit. As for us at Bladon WA, 2018 definitely started with many significant ideas that for us have helped to better improve our offerings and services, and we have had many opportunities to serve wonderful businesses big and small that we were proud of being part of their promotional campaigns. Part of this improvement is our campaigning the use of reusable coffee cup (Keep Cup and UpperCup),  support WA plastic bag ban with tote bags to reduce plastic waste in the landfill, significantly reduce the thickness of our 2018 catalogue to highlight our best products, and also our new collaboration with YirraKurl to help local companies to support Aboriginal Culture by embedding its art into their events and promotions (find the YirraKurl product catalogue here).

We constantly aim to bring better service to you all, and our goal is to become the best source of products and information for promotional product campaigns with our collective 100+ years experience in the field. So what’s in store for the rest of 2018, and how can we help you to achieve better decision making in terms of promotional products and corporate gifting? We know how choosing the right promotional products can be utterly overwhelming, so here are the 4 ways we can help you ease the process:

  1. Ask yourself the right questions before you choose or even browse our promotional product catalogue

    Every event or occasion has its own requirements. What kind of event is it? How is the promotional product intended to be used? As a prize or a gift? How much is your budget? What kind of prospects is likely to come to your event? Do you have tiers among your business prospects (hot, warm, cold prospects?) How are you going to distribute the promotional product/gift? All these questions will form the ideas on what products might be suitable for the promotional campaign.

  2. Browse our website for the varieties of the products

    Our Bladon WA website is updated regularly with some of the latest and the best promotional products available in Perth, Western Australia. From cheap and cheerful to mid-range to elegant upper-range products, we’re confident you will find something that suits your marketing campaigns or corporate events.

  3. Check out our comprehensive catalogue

    We understand that the website can be a wealth of products and information, but it can also be overwhelming with the number of products available. Therefore, we have painstakingly compiled the best of our promotional products and corporate gifts. You can request a printed catalogue or view/download the electronic version here. This is something that we feel our client needs to take advantage of, as it will make their jobs choosing a product so much easier. The catalogue is updated annually with some of the latest and most popular products of the year.

  4. Make an appointment with our promotional product expert and visit Bladon WA showroom

    What best way to decide on the right product! Direct touch and communication is always the way to go. Here is how the showroom looks like online. And if making an appointment and visiting the showroom on your own time feels a little daunting, you could also visit the showroom on our Open Days which we have regularly hosted semi-quarterly. Subscribe to our Newsletter or email our office for our next available open day, and we’ll include your name on the list when the time to send out the invitations come!

We hope this blog article will help to take the hard work out of choosing your corporate gifts or promotional products. With 30+ years experience in the industry of promotional products, Bladon WA has been helping organisations big and small to spread brand awareness by taking the hard work out of choosing and packaging the right personalised corporate gifts for them. Whether it’s for an employee reward & incentive program, company promotion, safety awards, special holiday or business occasion, we can deliver the perfect corporate gift in the perfect package, decorated with your company’s logo and message – with no stress or hassle on your end. Therefore, we can definitely help when it comes to choosing the right business gifts or promotional products. We will guide, advise and see through the process of producing your own promotional products from the beginning to the end, and we’ll make sure every step is a breeze for you.