Enhancing Your Online Marketing Strategy with the Help of Promotional Products

You already have an SEO and social media campaign in place, but did you know that you can make your marketing strategy more robust when you integrate it with promotional products? Read on to find out how you can reach more prospects and beef up your online marketing strategy with the help of promotional products.

Online marketing, optimisation, Facebook and Pinterest campaigns. These are the most common buzzwords for marketing managers at the moment. But in the past, the market was dominated by promotional products and other forms of traditional advertisement. Desks of yore were littered with calendars, pens, and notepads with the company name and logo of companies printed where it can be clearly seen. Almost all kitchen had those promotional spatulas, coasters, and magnetic bottle openers.

Lately, however, promotional items have taken a bit of a back seat in favor of digital marketing as the latter seems to be a more affordable marketing strategy than the former. Online marketing and social media campaigns also have the potential to reach more customers and clients not only locally but also internationally. Moreover, digital marketing allows marketers to collect data to customise the campaigns to reach the target audience and make the campaign more effective.

Despite digital marketing’s efficiency, affordability, and efficacy, the reign of promotional products are still not up. There is still a large chunk of the population that likes or would like to receive such items. And why not? Many of the promotional items are not only useful (when done right) but are even essential to a lot of recipients. Promotional items, such as a flash drive or a notebook with a company’s name and logo imprinted on the surface, are also a brand’s tangible advertisements. So, how does one integrate high-tech online marketing with conventional and traditional forms of marketing like promotional products?

Encourage prospective and existing customers or clients to visit your website or social media pages by giving away promotional products in which your company’s landing page URL is imprinted. The metrics of promotional products can be hard to measure, so one way to measure if the strategy is effective is to put a specific URL as a landing page on the item you’re going to be giving away. That way, you can track the metrics and sales to the people who visited the site. You can do this by handing out the items directly at trade exhibit, conferences, seminars, concerts, and other events. You can also use your existing contact list and send them out via direct mail.

Run a contest on social media pages and on your website with a promotional product showcasing your brand as a prize. When it comes to promotional products, it’s a good thing that you’re not limited to trade shows, rallies, and other such events to give away such items and promote your business. If you already have a website or several social media pages, you can use these channels to your advantage by running a contest with some high-value promotional products as your prize. So, how do you successfully execute a contest on your social media pages or your website?

* Don’t just choose an ordinary product–make it worth your prospect’s time by selecting a high-value, relevant, and essential item that your prospect might want to keep for longer.

* Determine a contest entry method and clearly set out the instruction for the participants. Contest entry methods may include tagging a friend on the contest post, liking your company business page on Facebook or following it on Twitter, sharing a photo, and more.

* Ensure that you will be able to reach the winner after the draw. If you have chosen to run a Facebook contest, you can easily send them a private message or @ their usernames to announce that they have won the said contest. If you’d rather send an email, make sure that you make email addresses as a requirement in the entries or better yet, give them the option to sign up on your email subscription list. (Be mindful, however, of privacy policies to protect your subscribers’ data. Check the contest rules of social media pages too so you don’t violate their rules and be penalised for the violation).

* Now on to the fun part: the contest itself! Create a visually attractive post to announce that you are running a contest. Include an image which showcases the prize you have chosen for this contest. Include other information such as

  1. a) who is allowed to participate
  2. b) contest entry method
  3. c) start date and the deadline for the entries
  4. d) how the winner is selected (the winner can be the one who sent in the best entry or someone you have randomly selected)
  5. e) when the winner of the contest will be announced.

* Spread the word in your other social media pages, as well as your website and email subscription list. You can also create a video to announce your contest.

* After choosing a winner, announce it on your page or on your website. Mail out the promotional item you have promised as a prize to the winner. But what about those who did not win? Then you can send the participants an email and thank them for joining the contest. You can also send them a discount code or mail a promotional item (of smaller value) as added incentives.

There are also a number of ways which you can use your website and social media pages to your advantage, and these include:

* Giving away a free gift for every time a customer or client makes a minimum purchase via your e-commerce site. 

* Giving away a promotional item when a site visitor answers a survey about your company, as well as any of its products or services.

* Giving away a free promotional item when someone signs up for your mailing list.