The Worst Marketing Ideas Ever Put Into Action

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated: Use a lot of bright colors, commission a catchy jingle, a memorable logo and then collect your paycheck and go home. In fact, as long as your product doesn’t share a name with a horrible disease and you don’t hand over complete creative control to people who actively hate your company, you should be all set. Unfortunately, sometimes the marketing people still don’t get it right and end up wreaking havoc.

Here at Bladon WA, we’ve got many years of marketing and branding experience- basically we’ve seen it all. However, not to bag out any of our valued customers, here’s our list of some of the worst marketing campaign of all time.

1.    Ayds

During the 1970s and ’80s, Ayds diet candy was riding high: The butterscotch, chocolate and various other flavored diet candies somehow fooled the public into thinking they actually helped you lose weight. But just as the CEOs were about to proclaim the invincibility of their confectionery empire to the world, the AIDS epidemic hit.

But despite the product now sharing a name with a modern-day plague, the manufacturer of Ayds decided to stick it out. And the candy company kept this up as AIDS ravaged the modern world around them, all the while quietly insisting that this whole pandemic thing would blow over and history would only remember the real Ayds. The Ayds candy survived all the way up to the 1980s until eventually, after losing over 50 percent of their profits, the company conceded that a name change was necessary.

2.    Red Lobster’s endless snow crabs
In the early 2000s, the American restaurant chain Red Lobster decided to hold a promotion offering all-you-can-eat snow crab legs. Unfortunately, Red Lobster foolishly thought that customers would either be full or just completely sick of the crab meat after a plate or so. However, a few scant weeks later, Red Lobster was already seeing a loss in profits. This was compounded by the simple fact that, in 2003, snow crab leg prices were at an all-time high. Meaning that Red Lobster actually lost money on every customer ordering more than a half dozen, which was a problem, seeing as how the average customer ate at least 2 dozen.  They lost over $3 million in that quarter alone.

3.    McInsensitive
Expectations were high when McDonald’s released the new McAfrika burger in Norway, one of the world’s richest countries. It’s just too bad that they launched the McAfrika during an actual famine in Africa that left 12 million people starving. McDonald’s went on record as agreeing that “to a certain extent this was bad timing.”

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