The Hottest Promotional Product Trends for 2020

Promotional Product Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Think about the last time you brought home a promotional item. How did you feel when you first received it? Did it remind you of the company that gave you the product? Promotional products are like free presents and almost anyone is willing to receive an item for zero cost. When you give away the right product, it creates a strong brand impression amongst recipients and opens up the door for future transactions

Part of an effective marketing strategy is combining digital marketing efforts along with traditional marketing techniques to reap the benefits of both worlds. If you want to utilize promotional products to full effect, you have to ride the waves and hand over items that provide great value to consumers. Let’s take a look at the most popular promotional product trends in 2020 and see which items are worth investing in.


  1. Custom face masks

Navigating through the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic is a difficult task for business owners. But while the threat still exists, you can help slow the spread of COVID-19 while promoting your business through custom-made face masks. Face masks are an essential item in today’s world and plenty of people will find a use for them on a daily basis. Custom-print reusable face masks and hand them over to your employees and customers for that attractive piece of swag. 


  1. Hand sanitiser bottles

Hygiene is of utmost importance and with health experts constantly reminding us to clean our hands, a mini hand sanitiser bottle will definitely come in handy. Think about how often people reach for hand sanitiser in their pocket. This gives you several opportunities to make an impression and create even more brand awareness as customers use them. Add your company logo to the bottles and leave a company website/contact number to take full advantage of this hygiene product.


  1. Personalised drink bottles

As more and more people become aware of the detrimental effects of using plastic bottles, many of them will want to switch to personalised drinkware to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Stainless steel water bottles are durable, eco-friendly, and stylish enough to make them an essential item for day-to-day adventures. You can make a clear statement and demonstrate your eco-friendly approach by customising drink bottles with your brand’s name and logo.


  1. Mousepads

With the pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, the work-from-home setting has now become the new norm. This makes printed mousepads an excellent choice for giveaway products. No home office is complete without a mousepad and the recipients are sure to utilize them every day when doing office work. Gel mousepads are a more attractive choice since they’re more comfortable to use and allow you to print your brand’s name, logo, and contact numbers without being too obnoxious.


  1. Eco bags

Tote bags are making a comeback and shoppers find it safer to bring their own shopping bag rather than pay for plastic bags at the mall. Giving away eco-friendly tote bags means that your company values green living practices which can definitely boost your brand’s image. The great thing about tote bags is that you have plenty of room to stamp your logo on there to maximise brand visibility.


  1. Custom drink coasters

Variety is the spice of life and most consumers have already received t-shirts, pens, and notebooks at some point. To make things interesting for your customers, you can hand over customised drink coasters with your brand stamped right smack in the middle. Keep the design elements clean and use subtle branding techniques so that the coasters look clean in any table setting.


  1. Paper soap sheets

Again, we come back to hygiene products with paper soap sheets. Paper soap sheets are convenient for those moments where you want to wash your hands in public places. They come in tiny packs that fit in almost any pocket and dissolve into soap once it comes in contact with water.


Finding the right product for your consumers

There are plenty of other products out there that are perfect for promotional giveaways and hand-overs. When choosing which product to use, consider the needs and interests of your target audience. Are they into the tech and digital space? Or are they more into the corporate environment than anything else? You want to hand over products that will add value to their lives and something that they will find a use for in their day-to-day tasks.

Take for example a portable power bank. Most tech enthusiasts will appreciate a power bank and the more they use it every day, the more exposure your brand gets. Don’t limit yourself to these products and always make sure to explore more items to help maximise the effectiveness of promotional items.

Promotional product trends come in waves and the most successful companies know how to identify them and apply it to their marketing strategies. When paired with a well-thought-of digital marketing approach, you can expect your promotional products to bring more brand exposure and generate plenty of interest compared to other forms of traditional marketing strategies. Keep these trends in mind so that you can plan your promotional items more efficiently.