WA Plastic Bag Ban: Let’s Have a Look at Promotional Tote Bags As An Excellent Direct Marketing Tool For Your Business




At long last, Western Australia will join South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory in banning single-use plastic bags from not only large retailers such as Coles and Woolworths, but also corner stores, takeaway food outlets and restaurants, sports stores, department stores, hardware stores, appliance stores, butchers, bakeries and market vendors.. So, what does it entail and what does it mean for local marketers and companies in general, and how could they take advantage of the newly placed restriction for their marketing strategy?

First, let’s talk about the ban itself. Starting 1 July 2018, it only bans single-use plastic bags, usually available in big and small supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and IGA. The law will also include the banning of degradable plastic bags, following claims that they are no better than ordinary plastic bags for the environment. Although plastic bag litters only made a small percentage to litters and pollution in general, the ban on the single-use plastic bag will have a huge impact on the well-being of Western Australia’s environment and marine life. On the other hand, the government will still allow thicker reusable plastic bag, green non-woven tote and paper bags.

Which brings us to the second point: the ban presents a huge marketing opportunity for companies small and large to show their support of the plastic bag ban. As far as promotional products go, tote bags are versatile. Depending on their designs and styles, tote bags are useful in many aspects of everyday activities such as carrying groceries from the supermarkets. It is a low-cost walking advertisement and its lifetime exposure value makes giving away tote bags one of the cheapest marketing options.

More importantly, tote bags can be used by itself or to package other promotional items. Depending on the nature of your promotions, you may want to order budget tote bags to give away to low tier prospects or order a much better quality tote bag to reel in more promising prospects in return for some information. Ask yourself some questions when you decide to give away tote bags as your promotional items: who are going to receive the bags? How and where are they going to use the tote bags? Do the prospects need to fill in their information in a form before they receive the items?

So, what kinds of tote bags are available? Below are some of the more popular choice of tote bags.

  1. Non-Woven Tote Bag & Cooler Bag

    You might have already familiar with this variety of ‘green’ bag. Readily available in the supermarkets as the more modern alternative to the single-use plastic bag, the non-woven bag is made of polypropylene bonded together to create fabric-like material. And although the more readily available example of this type of bag is your normal green shopping bag, the non-woven bag can be made available in many different colours and sizes, and printing available from one colour to full-colour digital print. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly cheaper appearance as this type of bag design can be altered to suit budget and function. Bladon carries many different types of non-woven tote bags. Below are some of our popular choices from the website.


  2. Calico Bag

    Calico bag is made of natural fibres and can easily become the leading choice for plastic bag replacement. They are durable as well as washable. It might not be as smooth and thick as canvas, but it is definitely cheaper so it is more economical. Depending on the design, base colour and the number of printed colours, it is suitable for both lower tier and middle tier customers. Below are how the bags look like when available in several different colours, or in its natural white with one colour graphic or full-colour graphic.


  3. Jute Bag

    Jute bags are created with a combination of vegetable fibre and cotton. It has the appearance of a grungy or vintage shopping bag, and biodegradability is certainly jute’s strong point as jute naturally decomposes when it is put into the soil. Jute is also durable, with the lifespan of over a thousand single-use plastic bags. With those characteristics in mind, jute bags are suitable for companies that care about environmental issues. Due to its naturally elegant look, jute can also be presented to higher tier clients/prospects.

  4. Canvas Bag

    Arguably the most suitable choice for the top-tier/high-end promotion, the canvas bag is made of cotton or similar material like calico, but is much stronger and thicker, as well as a washable and good-looking alternative for plastic bag replacement. As far as promotional and branding go, canvas bags will place your company in a class of its own, although financially, it is not as cheap as other types of promotional bags. When designed beautifully, it may even transcend its use as plastic bag replacement into a handbag.

July 2018 is the beginning of the single-use plastic bag ban. It is wise to start early and jump on the tote bag promotional bandwagon! The products that we have displayed above have been chosen with care with your benefits in mind, but if you think you need more options, Bladon WA is always here to help. Feel free to browse our website www.bladonwa.com.au for more fantastic options or contact us via email or call us on 08 9240 7900 to chat with us about tote bags.