Boost your event impact with your very own customised merchandise

Boost your event impact with your very own customised merchandise

Anyone who runs a business should strive to leave a lasting impression on all. There are many ways to promote our products, but one of the most effective ways to stand out is customised merchandise. Customised promo products act as a prompt for people to look back and remember what you can provide. They create a sense of belonging and unity and let potential and existing customers know how much you value them. Today, we want to discuss the multiple benefits of dishing out customised products at events, the most suitable events to attend, the best-selling promotional products on the market, and some key considerations before investing. 

The best events to dish out your customised merch 

You can distribute customised merchandise at many types of events to maximise the exposure of your brand and product. Some of the best to attend are trade shows, business conferences, corporate events, charity fundraisers, product launches, and local community events and gatherings. If your business aims to attend as many of these as possible, you will reach a diverse range of potential customers and clients, spreading brand awareness where it has the most impact. 

Why it is worth taking part in an event to elevate your business success

When you participate in events to promote your business, you meet several requirements of successful brand exposure. Here are a few of the primary reasons why taking part in these events can elevate your business success: 

Increasing your brand’s visibility – Events provide the perfect platform to showcase your business exactly how you want to. Audiences will always drop by to see what you do, and when you gift them customised merch, you will stick in their minds. 

Endless opportunities to Network – The more events you attend, the more chances you have of networking. Whether you aim to network with customers, clients, or industry professionals, these events are the place to do it. 

The perfect place for market research – Events allow the opportunity to gather ample feedback and gain a better insight into preferences and market trends. This is a fantastic way to identify growth areas and innovation opportunities. 

Top-selling products for promotional events 

Now that we have covered some of the best events and how they can enhance your business success, we should discuss specific branded products. Choosing customised merchandise can sometimes be challenging and long-winded. There are so many fantastic products on the market we thought we would share some of the most popular promo products to narrow it down. 

#1: Reusable Drinkware – You probably would have noticed a craze around Australia right now. Everyone seems to be upgrading their reusable drinkware, so getting there first with a branded alternative is a great way to get your name out there. These products are used daily and stand the best chance of being noticed by others. 

#2: Useful Tech Gadgets – We always seem to need more tech gadgets daily. Whether it is a USB flash drive, USB hub, or a portable speaker, an additional bit of tech is always appreciated. These products are perfect for leaving a lasting impression on those receiving them.

#3: Branded Apparel – A sure way to use Australia to your advantage is to give out promotional clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, or hats. We are an outgoing bunch, and it is always nice to change into something fresh in our warm climate. Branded apparel is almost guaranteed to be used again and again. 

Additional ways you can use your promotional products 

Besides distributing customised merchandise at promotional events, there are also several other ways you can use them to enhance the visibility of your brand. Here are a few additional ways to engage with customers, clients, and employees and boost your business with promo products. 

Give a gift to your employees – Rewarding them creates a positive work environment and encourages people to do better. A higher level of care can lead to a boost in productivity. Additionally, your employees will spread your brand whenever they use your customised merch. 

Showing customer appreciation – When someone uses your business repeatedly, it is worth sending them a branded product to acknowledge their custom and show your appreciation. 

Offer incentives and rewards – This could be for employees or customers. When there is a target to aim for and a prize to claim, people will work towards it. It is also a way of creating a fun and interactive environment within your business. 

Find out more about what customised merchandise can do for you.

When investing in customised merchandise, there is a lot to consider. You need to ensure you have the budget, you’re reaching your target audience, your product reflects your brand identity, and that you’re investing in a quality and durable product. It can seem like a bit to take on, but don’t worry, Bladon WA is here to help. We are one of Western Australia’s most extensive promotional merchandise and branded product distributors, so get in touch. We would happily advise you on the best merchandise for your business.

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