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The History of the Classic Polo Shirt

Only a handful of garments deserve the recognition of being a fashion classic and one of them is the polo shirt. This short-sleeved garment is a wardrobe essential that combines both style and comfortability, making it the perfect garment for casual and informal occasions. If you love wearing stylish polo shirts, then you have probably wondered how they came to be. This article will detail the entire history of polo shirts and how it became the modern style staple we know of today. Early 1800’s The origins of the

The Best Places to Put a Logo on a Custom Polo Shirt

Embroidered polo shirts make for great company uniforms. They’re super-comfortable to wear and they make your staff look neat and professional. You can get away with just using your brand’s colours when using polo shirts, but why stop there? If you want to maximise your brand’s visibility, then you should definitely consider adding your company logo. A company logo plays an important role in helping customers identify your brand. When paired with a well-designed custom polo shirt, you can make your staff

Polo Shirts in Workplaces: Are They Business Casual Uniforms?

Polo shirts are a staple in corporate environments due to their comfortable feel and semi-professional appearance. They provide an alternative option for your employee’s wardrobe and requires little to no thought. When paired with the right accessories, embroidered polo shirts can be worn inside the workplace all year round. But are polo shirts actually business casual outfits? Today we’ll answer that question and find out if polo shirts are an ideal garment for the office. Polo shirts work great on casual, yet

Why Use High Visibility Clothing at the Workplace

There has been an ongoing debate about wearing high visibility clothing at work and many employers are wondering if it’s worth supplying their staff with this type of apparel. What are the benefits of using hi-vis workwear? Why should companies equip their workforce with it? At best, employees that operate in industries such as construction, road maintenance, and airports should be wearing high visibility clothing to help reduce the risks of injuries and accidents. Hi-vis clothing is designed to enhance the