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Why Use High Visibility Clothing at the Workplace

There has been an ongoing debate about wearing high visibility clothing at work and many employers are wondering if it’s worth supplying their staff with this type of apparel. What are the benefits of using hi-vis workwear? Why should companies equip their workforce with it? At best, employees that operate in industries such as construction, road maintenance, and airports should be wearing high visibility clothing to help reduce the risks of injuries and accidents. Hi-vis clothing is designed to enhance the

How to Keep Up With Stylish Corporate Uniforms

Corporate uniforms have evolved over the last few years. Gone are the plain, dull-looking clothes and are replaced with fashionable, timeless pieces. More and more companies are choosing to implement stylish uniforms as a way to playfully express their brand’s image. We’re not just talking about the big-name enterprises as even SMEs (small to medium enterprise) are keeping up with this trend. It’s not just about how the uniforms look. It’s about how the employees feel when they wear modern, up-to-date clothing.

How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for Your Company’s Uniform

There was a time when company uniforms looked completely boring. The fits were shapeless, the colours were monotonous, and the fabrics were made of poor quality. Not exactly something an employee would want to wear on a day’s work. But fast forward to today, and you’ll see most companies modernizing their workwear with a more fashion-centric approach. The curves, the lines, and the angles are all there. Uniforms have changed so much for the better and we like how people are being creative with offering different

5 Important Features of a Corporate Uniform

Corporate uniforms come in all shapes of colours, fabrics, and textures. These variables can affect how workwear is perceived by your consumers and you want to achieve a level of coherence that’s synonymous with your brand. Your corporate clothing should match your company’s goals, values, and visions if you want to utilise it to its full advantage. Regardless of whether you’re fresh out of the startup or in need of a redo on your organisation’s current look, it is crucial to nail the foundations of a great

The Importance of a Corporate Uniform

No matter which industry you’re in, having a corporate uniform is an integral part of your marketing strategy. One way to implement this strategy is by providing your employees with workwear and apparel that features your brand’s logo. Branded uniforms have been shown to be a cost-effective way of boosting employee morale, customer engagement, and your brand identity. Supplying your workforce is with a corporate uniform can be a time-consuming and costly expense. But how can you be assured that it’s worth your
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