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Enhancing Your Online Marketing Strategy with the Help of Promotional Products

You already have an SEO and social media campaign in place, but did you know that you can make your marketing strategy more robust when you integrate it with promotional products? Read on to find out how you can reach more prospects and beef up your online marketing strategy with the help of promotional products. Online marketing, optimisation, Facebook and Pinterest campaigns. These are the most common buzzwords for marketing managers at the moment. But in the past, the market was dominated by promotional products and

How Company Workwear and Uniforms Can Increase Staff Productivity

As the workforce in certain sectors become younger and the workplace become more fast-paced, there is an increasing trend towards rejecting uniforms in favor of a more casual and relaxed dress code. But there are still some sectors and industries that consider the uniform or some kind of workwear as something they could never do without. Whether the outfits are for easy identification of their own personnel or for their workers’ safety (such as in the case of personal protective equipment). The importance of

When the Quality of Your Promotional Merchandise Affect Your Company’s Image

When the Quality of Your Promotional Merchandise Affect Your Company’s Image Does the quality of your promotional items affect your company’s image? Does the public’s perception of your company and goods or services change when you hand out promotional items that easily break or do not work? The simple answer to both questions is a resounding “yes.” Imagine two companies that offer the same product. The quality of the products sold by both companies is roughly the same. Both companies

Quality Versus Quantity: Which One Is Important When Buying Promotional Products?

Whether it’s the first time you’re considering buying promotional products or you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to this task, it’s always a struggle to choose between quantity and quality. Do you want to reach more people without spending too much or do you want to sacrifice quantity so you can give away high-quality yet more expensive promotional items that will impress the recipient? Do you have to sacrifice one for the other, or is it possible to find the right balance between quantity

4 Perfect Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas that Excite Your Clients Or Employees

Ah, the season has come to thank clients for their loyalty, to reward employees for their hard work, or to just simply extend the goodwill of Christmas, and the dreaded question is upon business owners everywhere: What is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for clients or employees? We completely understand. With the business of the closing of the year upon all of us, business owners everywhere will be hard-pressed to do last minute closing business activities, let alone choosing the perfect Christmas gifts. Well,
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