Economic Benefits of a Strong Brand

Great brands create consumer trust and emotional attachments. Your company’s brand is so much more than just a pretty logo. To win loyal customers, you need to develop a story that represents the quality and character of your organisation or product.

By telling that story consistently across all channels and backing it up with customer gifting and exceptional service, you’ll gain all the benefits that come from being a trusted name.

Once you establish your brand identity you need to foster the relationships between consumers and products. If managed correctly, having a strong brand can lead to the following valuable benefits:

Premium pricing
Consumers pay more for branded items that they believe have higher value and lower risk than lesser-known alternatives.

Lower cost of sales
Consumers of valued brands make repeat and frequent purchases. As a result, customer-acquisition costs are amortized over a long-term client relationship.

Lower cost of promotion
Consumers of valued brands become ambassadors who spread positive word-of-mouth at no cost to the brand.

Higher market share
Valued brands acquire loyal customers who recruit more customers to the brand, increasing the brand’s share of market while reducing customer-development costs and building immunity to competitive attacks.

Lower employee turnover
Great brands attract passionate employees who pass their enthusiasm to satisfied consumers, who in turn make employees’ jobs more enjoyable, reducing employee turnover as a result.

Higher stature
Valued brands enjoy a high level of awareness and esteem in the minds of consumers, industry leaders, community leaders, news editors, and financial analysts and investors, which leads to yet higher brand preference and marketplace prominence.
How do you great a strong, well-known brand?

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand and spread the word about your products or services is to employ a gifting program. By giving out promotional products or gifts to clients and prospective clients, you’re creating brand recognition for your business.

Whether it’s a keychain, pen, USB or drink bottle if it has your name or logo on it, it will consistently reinforce your brand not only to the person using the products but others around them.

To see where the magic happens and reap the economic benefits of a strong brand, contact Bladon WA today and we’ll help you with all your promotional and corporate gifting needs.

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