How Company Workwear and Uniforms Can Increase Staff Productivity

As the workforce in certain sectors become younger and the workplace become more fast-paced, there is an increasing trend towards rejecting uniforms in favor of a more casual and relaxed dress code. But there are still some sectors and industries that consider the uniform or some kind of workwear as something they could never do without. Whether the outfits are for easy identification of their own personnel or for their workers’ safety (such as in the case of personal protective equipment). The importance of workwear and uniforms in many industries can never be stressed enough. But did you know that workwear and uniforms also have an effect on worker productivity? Today, we’ll explore how this type of outfit can affect productivity, boost efficiency, as well as protect workers’ health and improve their safety.

Better and Safer Workwear Lead to Improved Productivity

We always think of workwear and uniforms as something that is worn by workers we see every day. From the barista who hands us coffee every morning for a quick pick-me-up to the supermarket worker who diligently stocks our favourite items on the shelves. But workwear and uniforms are also worn in less common and often dangerous professions. Some of these workers belong in the mining, iron and steel processing, and construction sectors. Some, including cleaners and meat processing workers, are engaged in jobs that can be filthy and can sometimes affect their health.

Although government regulations mandate that business owners provide proper workwear for their workers, some business owners choose not to provide protective apparel to their employees in favor of cutting cost. But workers who feel unsafe in their workplaces work more slowly, thus affecting their productivity. Having inadequate safety apparel can also affect their health. Take, for example, the case of workers who handle harsh chemicals or those who work in dirty environments but do not have adequate safety apparel. Prolonged exposure to these compounds can sometimes lead to dermatitis, respiratory disorders, and other illnesses.

Workers suffering from diseases and injuries, which stem from a lack of safety workwear, can result in absence from work. This, in turn, results in a significant loss in man-hours and a sharp decline in productivity. The solution to the loss in man-hours and decreased productivity is very simple: equip workers with proper personal protective equipment which include protective clothing, proper footwear, protective gloves, and more.

Comfort Means A Boost in Productivity

Not all of us work in comfortable air-conditioned workplaces, such as offices, boutiques, hotels, or laboratories. Workers in the mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, logistics, and shipping industries are always in the field and often at the mercy of the elements. Improper and inadequate workwear can negatively affect their performance and productivity. For example, people who need to work long hours under the sun and have improper clothing or inadequate headgear can sometimes suffer heatstroke. Same goes for people who work in freezing temperatures who are at risk of hypothermia because they are not provided with heavy-duty jackets, gloves, or protective footwear. Illness and injuries contracted because of improper workwear can also result in lost man-hours and decreased productivity.

To ensure that their workers can work properly and are productive while in the field, business owners are obligated to provide not only proper but also comfortable workwear for them. Those who work in cold or freezing workplaces should be equipped with protective heavy-duty jackets, gloves, beanies, and caps. Proper outfits, such as absorbent and breathable shirts, hats, helmets, and proper footwear, also play a large part in increasing the productivity of workers in tropical or desert areas, as well as those who work in steel mills and other factories.

Boost Productivity with Compartmentalization Through Proper Dress Code

The great English poet John Keats was one of the writers who refused to sit down and put ink to paper if he was not dressed to the nines. Statesman and writer Benjamin Disraeli and American novelist Anne Bernays also cannot transition to work if they are not properly dressed in their “workwear.” This compartmentalization undoubtedly played a great part in their productivity. So, if you find that your employees’ productivity is down, perhaps it’s time to shift from a relaxed dress code to a more professional one. A well-designed uniform will foster a sense of professionalism, as well as help your workers shift into the proper mindset from being at home or at play and into the workplace.

Workwear and Uniforms Have the Power to Boost the Workers’ Self-Esteem, Help Foster Unity, and Improve Their Productivity

Workers come from different backgrounds; some have the financial resources to buy stylish, up-to-date clothes, while others have to be content with thrift store finds. There will be moments when poor sartorial choices can affect the self-esteem of your workers and negatively affect their productivity. Peer judgment can cause deterioration of the quality of their work, as well as result in absenteeism in some cases. In extreme cases, some employees who make poor fashion choices, and are mocked for them, simply resign just to escape their tormentors. Get rid of these barriers to productivity early on and help foster healthy peer relationships by implementing corporate uniforms.

Well-Designed Workwear Boosts Your Company’s Image Not Only to Your Staff But Also to Your Customers

Providing well-designed uniforms and protective workwear to your staff will make them feel better about their jobs because they think that their employers care about their wellbeing. These apparel also foster team unity and company loyalty. Now that your staff look more neat and professional, customers and clients will likewise be impressed with them and with your company. A more professional staff will boost your brand image and can result in repeat business.

If you find that productivity and efficiency had declined in the workplace, it’s time to reconsider your dress code. Implementing a corporate uniform or outfitting your workers with proper safety workwear has the power to change the course of your workplace and your business. Whether it’s just a simple shirt with your logo or a high-visibility vest, proper workwear and uniform not only boosts your staff’s confidence and improve your brand image but also improves your workers’ efficiency and productivity.