Using Promotional Products to Honour Work Anniversaries and Successes

Using Promotional Products to Honour Work Anniversaries and Successes

Promotional products are most often used as corporate giveaways: branded gifts that are presented to either existing or potential customers, in order to promote an organisation, brand, service or product. However, this is not the only way in which promotional products can be used to gain more exposure for your company and what it has to offer. Special anniversaries, significant corporate milestones and individual achievements in the workplace all present opportunities to use promotional products in more innovative and exciting ways. Continue reading to discover the benefits of using promotional products to mark important achievements and anniversaries..

Why Use Promotional Products to Celebrate Anniversaries and Honour Achievements?

As many organisations in Western Australia have already discovered, there are several very good reasons to consider using promotional products to mark important events and achievements in the workplace, including all of the following:

  • Personal Encouragement – Employees who achieve great things should, of course, always be well rewarded. But why should you consider using promotional products to reward them? Well, whilst financial rewards are understandably popular, handpicked gifts enable organisations to express their appreciation for employees on a more intimate and personal level. For example: a beautifully made jacket with discreet corporate branding, given as a token of a company’s appreciation for the efforts of an individual employee, is a far more personal gift than a simple monetary reward.For maximum effect, it is worth considering giving employees both a financial reward and a promotional product but if only one is possible, perhaps due to budgetary constraints, a carefully selected gift may well prove to be the most effective option as far as personal encouragement is concerned. When people feel appreciated they are more willing to go the extra distance to help their organisation achieve its aims and continue to thrive. And in our experience, there is no better way to show someone they are appreciated than by presenting them with a beautiful gift.
  • Group Motivation – Companies often celebrate important milestones by throwing lavish parties and this is certainly a good way to make employees feel like they are valued members of a team, at least while the parties continue. We think that such parties are a great idea but they tend not to have a lasting impact on group morale and motivation, at least not in our experience. The giving of promotional products at such times can have a much greater long-term impact, mostly because the gifts do not vanish in the morning, as employees return to their normal daily routines and face their post-party blues. Ever present, such gifts are a constant reminder to recipients of the esteem in which their employers hold them.Emblazoned with a corporate logo and name, promotional gifts can also act as a lasting reminder that every recipient is a member of the same team and is working toward the same organisational goals. Every day that an employee uses a branded mug or calendar they received at a corporate party, they will remember the joy of the occasion and the feeling of group achievement that pervaded the event from start to finish. For all these reasons, promotional products can be powerful motivational tools that help to ensure a positive group morale and consistent motivation over an extended period of time.

  • Effective Passive Marketing – Promotional products offer the same passive marketing opportunities whether given to customers or employees. As long as they are carefully chosen, to maximise the chance of each gift being appreciated and used, they can prove to be very effective marketing tools in both scenarios. If, for example, employees are presented with stylish, branded pens at a corporate event, there is a very good chance that these pens will subsequently be used regularly and that other people will see them whenever they are used outside of the home or work environment.

    Recipients of such gifts that have no use for them often pass them on to friends and family, which is still a positive result as far as corporate marketing teams are concerned. As long as the promotional products in question are being used in front of other people, they will provide additional exposure for the companies that presented them to their employees, thus fulfilling their intended purpose.

  • Opportunity to Experiment with New Branding Ideas – It can be difficult for companies to experiment with new branding ideas as far as corporate gifts are concerned. There is a (very understandable) reluctance to take big chances when dealing with both potential and existing customers. One wrong step could cause significant damage, in terms of brand image and awareness, and it could take some time to recover from such damage. However, in-house presentations at events that are held to celebrate important company milestones or the achievements of individual employees offer a great opportunity to try new and different branding ideas with little to no chance of negative consequences.
    Organisations that experiment with branding ideas on the promotional products they present to employees can more easily stop bad ideas from being exposed to thousands of potential customers. In our experience, employees are usually very willing to cooperate in such schemes, by providing detailed feedback and by being happy to exchange gifts for new, better products when the original giveaways are poorly received.

For all of these reasons and more, we can wholeheartedly recommend the use of promotional products to reward employees and celebrate days that have real meaning to your organisation, its management and workforce.

Choosing the Right Promotional Products to Use as Gifts for Employees

If you like the idea of presenting promotional products to your employees to mark important milestones and personal achievements in the workplace, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us about your needs. As a leading supplier of promotional products in Perth, we have an extensive range of items from which to choose, all of which can be branded with a corporate logo and/or marketing message.


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