Polo shirts are a staple in corporate environments due to their comfortable feel and semi-professional appearance. They provide an alternative option for your employee’s wardrobe…



Polo shirts are a staple in corporate environments due to their comfortable feel and semi-professional appearance. They provide an alternative option for your employee’s wardrobe and requires little to no thought. When paired with the right accessories, embroidered polo shirts can be worn inside the workplace all year round. But are polo shirts actually business casual outfits? Today we’ll answer that question and find out if polo shirts are an ideal garment for the office.

Polo shirts work great on casual, yet dressy workdays

Polo shirts are a great wardrobe addition for both male and female employees. They mix and match with almost any work-related apparel and don’t appear too casual for most white-collar jobs. If the dress code in your office favours a dressy business casual aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with a polo shirt. When you have a collection of polo shirts in different colours and patterns, you’re all set for casual Fridays.

From dress pants to skirts and chinos, you’ll find that polo shirts are easy to pair with any bottoms you can think of. Just choose your go-to-pair and you’ll still be in work-appropriate attire, but with the added benefit of feeling more comfortable than wearing a suit or tux. 

Pair a polo shirt with jeans for relaxed dress codes

Some companies maintain a casual workplace by implementing relaxed dress codes. If you’re lucky enough to be in this position, you can take advantage of the opportunity by pairing a polo shirt with your favorite jeans. This combination maintains a work-appropriate look and exude an air of professionalism that’s lacking in workplaces with lax dress codes.

Darker pairs of jeans work great for most office environments. Ideally, you want the jeans to be free of any distressing as it won’t complement the semi-formal characteristics of the polo shirt. If you want to showcase your style, go with polo shirts that have fun patterns. Solid colours are also a great idea, but make sure to colour-block it with your jeans so the outfit pops out.

Rock a polo shirt for that chill summer style

Polo shirts are a great pick during the summer season. When the sun is up and above, wearing comfortable fabrics should be the main goal. Some polo shirts use breathable fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties. Whether you’re stuck in the middle of traffic or you’re doing a presentation with the team, expect your polo shirt to keep you cool even when the weather turns up.

Chino pants are the ideal bottoms to pair with a polo shirt. They combine for a well-put together look that’s appropriate in most offices. Rocking a business casual outfit during summer can prove quite tricky, but with the right pair of chinos and a polo shirt, you can elevate your summertime style and bring the heat inside the workplace.

Transition into autumn smoothly with a polo shirt

When the weather starts to cool down, you can use a polo shirt as a transitional piece for your office attire. You maintain a sophisticated business-casual look and stay comfortable while you’re at it. Just swap out the chinos with heavier bottoms or simply add tights together with a skirt for that classic autumn look.

As the weather becomes colder and unpredictable, you can mix and match other pieces and layer them on top of your polo shirt. We recommend going for darker, neutral tops that match fall-inspired styles and use that to look cool when heading to the office.

Keep yourself warm during winter with polo shirts

Some people think they can’t wear polo shirts during the colder months, but that’s not exactly true. Instead of stashing your polo shirts in the closet, you can layer a parka or a winter coat on top for that cool season style. If you want a more business casual look, you can layer polo shirts with blazers or cardigans. The outer layer should have neutral colours to make your polo shirt stand out even more.

In terms of bottoms, you can rock fleece pants alongside polo shirts for that warm, fuzzy look. Polo shirts can also inject a fun, pop-up look that brings life to your business casual outfit during dull, winter seasons. Neutrals are good, but experiment with colours that best suit your style and your work environment.

Wear a polo shirt to bring springtime vibe into the office

When the weather starts to warm up again, you can finally wear your light-coloured polo shirts. Choose ones that come with subtle patterns that capture the essence of the springtime vibe. You can enhance the look even further by layering it with a pullover or cardigan (which can come in handy if the weather turns out cooler than expected). For the bottoms, chino pants are the way to go. You’ll turn heads in the office and your co-workers will be impressed on how you rock polo shirts and make them a business casual staple in your wardrobe.

As you can see, polo shirts have the ability to function as an appropriate business casual attire for all four seasons. Stock up on different colours and patterns and experiment with other pieces to complete your outfit no matter the weather. Remember, it’s all about combining the garment with smart pieces that complement your style and help you maintain a sense of professionalism in the office. Make sure to follow these tips and incorporate polo shirts into your business casual wear for that laid-back, professional look.

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